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Registration for both in-person and virtual attendance at the 2024 Association for Rural & Small Libraries Conference is open! The in-person 2024 ARSL Conference will be held at the MassMutual Center, Springfield, Massachusetts, from September 11-14, 2024...
Posted by Christa Porter on 6/14/2024 10:43 AM
Feel the wind in your hair with #BookFaceFriday! You know what every good road trip needs? A great read, like this week's #BookFace, "Finlay Donovan Rolls the Dice: A Novel" by Elle Cosimano (?...
Posted by Tessa Timperley on 6/14/2024 8:56 AM
Book 1 in a new series, Orris, a rat, lived in an abandoned barn.  He was happy there. One of his prized possessions was an old sardine can.  It had a picture of a sardine king on the can, and the king said, "Make the good and noble choice."  He contemplated this advice regularly...
Posted by Sally Snyder on 6/14/2024 8:00 AM
We're back with another #ThrowbackThursday! This 8" x 10" glass plate negative was taken in June of 1915, as shown by the calendar in the back of the room advertising the Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln. The negative shows off a wooden room with two linotype machines, one currently in use...
Posted by Bailee Juroshek on 6/13/2024 9:00 AM
The "The Battle of the Little Bighorn" by Mari Sandoz, introduction by Elaine Marie Nelson, is now available on cartridge and for download on BARD, the Braille and Audio Reading Download service...
Posted by Bailee Juroshek on 6/11/2024 10:00 AM
We've struck gold this #BookFaceFriday! This week's #BookFace is "Miss Morissa: Doctor of the Gold Trail" by Nebraskan author Mari Sandoz; it tells the story of a young pioneering woman doctor on the Nebraska frontier in the 1870's as rumors of gold strikes begin to spread...
Posted by Bailee Juroshek on 6/7/2024 8:30 AM
Perhaps what is most important is not the truth of our lives, but the stories we tell. Or, as Poor Deer might argue, that's a pretty saying that liars might repeat in an attempt to absolve themselves of guilt; nothing is more important than the truth...
Posted by Hollin Attendola on 6/7/2024 8:00 AM
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