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Administrative Services

Administrative services staff perform planning and budgeting, evaluation, accounting, personnel, word processing, inventory, supplies, courier, mail, and other support services necessary to carry out the work and programs of the Nebraska Library Commission.

Administrative Services Staff:
  • Rod Wagner, Director, 402-471-4001
  • Vacant, Deputy Director
  • Jerry Breazile, Business Manager, 402-471-4007
  • Sam Shaw, Planning & Data Services Coordinator, 402-471-3216
  • Sue Biltoft, Accountant, 402-471-4009
  • Kayla Henzel, Staff Assistant, 402-471-4002
  • Vacant, Secretary II/Receptionist
  • Jennifer Wrampe, Staff Assistant, 402-471-4008
  • Bruce Oorlog, Mail/Material Specialist, 402-471-4036
  • Jan Jolliffe, Western Library Services Coordinator, 888-879-5303
  • JoAnn McManus, Internship Grants Coordinator/Library Innovation Studios Project Manager,
  • Cynthia Nigh, Library Innovation Studios Project Assistant,

For more information, contact Janet Greser.