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Making a Difference @ your library®: Nebraska Library Services and Technology Act Plan for Library & Information Services 2003 - 2007

This LSTA Plan sets forth the mission, needs, goals, activities, intended outcomes, timeline, and planning and implementation procedures for administering Nebraska's LSTA program from 2003 to 2007. It defines stakeholders and their roles, and the communication and monitoring procedures that will assure the involvement of the library community and library users in the implementation of the LSTA program in Nebraska.




General Statutory Authority

Trends and Issues

Needs Assessment

LSTA Purposes

Goals, Activities & Intended Outcomes

Goal 1:  Nebraska library personnel will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to provide quality library and information services for all Nebraskans

Goal 2:  All Nebraskans will have improved access to enhanced library and  information services

Goal 3:  Nebraska libraries will have appropriate technology to access and deliver online library and information services

Goal 4: Eligible Nebraskans will have access to Talking Book and Braille Services.

Goal and Activity Timeline

Planning and Implementation Procedures

Stakeholder Involvement

Communication Procedures

Monitoring Procedures

Evaluation Plan

Library Services and Technology Act Long Range Plan Five-Year Evaluation (April 2002)