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Nebraska Library Commission

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Special edition

August 1997

Here is a special mid-summer edition of our newsletter. This edition is dedicated to telling you about the newest books from our Nebraska collection .

Look for a regular, full edition of our newsletter to come out this fall.

Books of Nebraska

Battle of the Little Bighorn
NE 678 2 cassettes
by Mari Sandoz
An account of the battle on which George Armstrong Custer staked his life - and lost. Narrated by Jane Knox.

Born, Raised, Lived, Learned & Loved in Dogtown
NE 577 3 cassettes
by Don Darnell
The memories of an educator form the right side of the tracks. A retired public school teacher, counselor, and principal reminisces about growing up in the original boondocks of Lincoln, Nebraska's "Far Southeast Neighborhood." Narrated by Mariann Schafer.

Growing Up in Plain View
NE 648 2 cassettes
by Walter E. Sehnert
The author revisits the Plainview, Nebraska of his youth. He considers the place as it was then, the people he knew, and the events that took place there more than a half century ago. Narrated by Jane Knox.

Nebraska; Stories
NE 650 1 cassette
by Ron Hansen
Eleven short stories are a diverse and expansive as the state they celebrate. The author's unique characters - a distinctive mix of 19th century settlers and 1980s breadwinners, include lost souls stranded in the middle of nowhere. Narrated by Mike Wight.

Nebraskaland Magazine Wildlife Viewing Guide
NE 675 1 cassette
by Joseph Knue
A guide to Nebraska opportunities for observing wildlife. Includes descriptions of best sites, access information, and viewing tips. Narrated by Jane Knox.

Watch Out!! I'm Peaking in Your Window?
NE 645 2 cassettes
by Shirley Lueth
Nebraska humorist and syndicated columnist writes about the confusion, chaos and chocolate chips that are part of family life. Narrated by Gayle Field.

Religious and Inspirational

Amazing Grace: The Dramatic Life Story of John Newton
NE 676 1 cassette
by John Charles Pollack
The biography of the author of "Amazing Grace" and many other popular hymns. Once a lust slave trader who had enjoyed a prodigal youth, Newton experienced conversion during a raging sea storm and spent the rest of his life as a dedicated and much-love clergyman. Recorded by the National Library Service.

Western and Pioneer

NE 686 2 cassettes
by Donald Clayton Porter
Book 14 of the "White Indian" series. Renno experience a vision which directs him to travel west and to trust a white man for the sake of this own adopted people. Recorded by the Texas Regional Library.

The Hollow Mountains
NE 680 2 cassettes
by Oliver B. Patton
In Arizona in the 1870s, a beautiful, innocent young woman en route to marry a cavalry officer is kidnapped when her wagon is waylaid by Apaches. Upon escaping she reluctantly revels the lurid terms of her departure and endures even subtler forms of torment from white society. Some strong language. Recorded by the National Library Service.

Possible New Magazine

We are considering adding "Taste of Home Country cooking" to our offerings of free magazines on cassette. "Taste of Home Country Cooking," published six times a year by Reiman Publications, Inc., contains favorite recipes contributed by readers and other sources. If you would be interested in receiving this magazine on cassette, please indication on the order form below.

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