Newsletter of the

Nebraska Library Commission

Talking Book & Braille Service

Winter 1996-97

for Nebraskans
with Disabilities

The newest Nebraska resource for disability information is the Nebraska Meeting Place. The Nebraska Meeting Place seeks to encourage people with disabilities and their family members to take advantage of all the benefits that today's telecommunication technology has to offer. Point your Web browser to http://nncf.unl.edu/MeetingPlace/. The Nebraska Meeting Place also includes an electronic mailing list.

On Nebraska Meeting Place, you will find a variety of information on disability topics, ranging from legislative and funding issues to personal experiences. Discussion groups are formed on different topics, allowing people all across Nebraska to connect with each other and share information and experiences. In addition, information from national listservs and news of local interest, such as legislative bills, upcoming training sessions, and technology expositions are posted on Nebraska Meeting Place.

Anyone with a disability or an interest in disability issues is welcome to join. Participation is what will make Nebraska Meeting Place a successful forum for the exchange of ideas and information on disability issues. You bring the topic; Nebraska Meeting Place provides the venue.

Sponsored by a grant from the United Cerebral Palsy Association (UCPA) through the US Dept. of Commerce, the goal of this project is to provide individuals with disabilities, especially those in rural areas or among underserved populations, low cost, text-based access to electronic information and e-mail over the Internet. Nebraska Department of Education Assistive Technology Project serves as host for Nebraska Meeting Place.

For more information, contact Kathryn Kruse, Information and Referral Specialist, Assistive Technology Project, Nebraska Department of Education, 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, NE 68509-4987; e-mail: kkruse@nde4.nde.state.ne.us; telephone: (402) 471-2447.

Cassette Magazine Offerings Change

Time to bring all our patrons up to speed on the multiple happenings within our cassette magazine program. Several magazines have been added and several deleted. Others have made name and publication changes. To subscribe to the new magazines, use the order form on page 7.

Additions ...

Nebraska Sports America, the state's newest all sports magazine, is now available on cassette. NSA is published monthly by Omaha-based State Sports Publishing and recorded here in our studios. The magazine strives to keep readers up-to-date on the happenings in Nebraska sports - football, basketball, hockey, and more - on the high school, state college, university, and local professional levels.

Deletions ...

People and Time magazines are no longer offered through our library. The recording organization, Jewish Guild for the Blind, has become a membership organization and now wishes to serve individuals directly. For a single fee, Jewish Guild for the Blind offers its members People, Time, and several popular magazines on cassette. For more information or membership, contact Jewish Guild for the Blind, 15 West 65th Street, New York, NY 10023; toll-free telephone 800-284-4422.

Changes ...

Capper's is now tone-indexed. The four major sections of the magazine are indicated by a beep audible when your cassette machine is in the fast-forward or rewind mode. A single tone is found before the "Kate Marchbanks In the Heart of the Home" section, before the continuing story, before the reading of the regular features and columns, and before the reading of the current news and entertainment articles.

Seniority has replaced Senior Citizen's News as the newsletter of the National Council of Senior Citizens. The newsletter has also moved to a bimonthly publication schedule.

Reminder ...

Newsweek and Readers Digest cassette subscriptions should be submitted through our library. The cassettes are sent directly from the producer, but all changes - subscribe, unsubscribe, change of address - need to be handled by your readers advisor.

Come On Down And Browse That Braille

Dozens of braille books flowed into the library in December, January, and, February bringing the browsing collection up to its full complement of titles. From All the Love Poems of Shakespeare to Family: Ties that Bind... And Gag! by Erma Bombeck, braille readers now have 99 volumes of recreation and information to browse right here. The titles are available for loan on a first come first served basis.

Of late, we've seen some new faces browsing the braille shelves. Many thanks to the individuals and consumer organizations who are helping us promote this braille resource.

DVS Collection Grows

All four of the latest DVS releases are here in Lincoln and ready for your viewing pleasure. Call soon to order Waiting to Exhale, DVS 52192; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, DVS 52193; Disney's The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, DVS 52194; or Disney's Toy Story, DVS 52195.

DVS orders are filled one at a time on a first come first served basis for a maximum loan period of 14 days. The library does not maintain request lists for video orders.

DVS videos may be mailed to and from the library as "Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped."

Radio Dramas Are Back

Lovers of old-time radio dramas, rejoice! Thanks to a non-profit volunteer organization called The Blue Ridge Radio Players you can once again enjoy audio drama in the comfort of your own easy chair. Twenty-five of these 30-minute dramas are now available on audio cassette as part of the Talking Book and Braille Service Nebraska Books Collection. Additional programs will be added several times a year.

Because the Blue Ridge Radio Players cassettes are commercially produced, they do not use traditional talking book format. They do not have standard talking book opening announcements or tone indexing. Additionally, the cassettes are recorded on only one-side per cassette. To play these cassettes on your talking book player, set the side selector switch to 1-2 and the speed switch to 1 and 7/8 inches per second. Remember to return the speed switch to the 15/16 setting when you finish listening to a Blue Ridge Player radio drama.

A complete listing of program titles and descriptions will be available soon in large-type, braille, and on cassette.

VIPS Annual State Convention Moves to New Site

Having outgrown the facilities of Camp Calvin Crest near Fremont, the Nebraska Visual Impaired Peer Support (VIPS) network will hold its Annual State Convention in Grand Island, April 22 -24 1997. Over 150 Nebraskans, many of whom are older persons with visual impairments, gather annually with spouses, other family members, and friends to learn more about visual impairment and the practical strategies and tools available for dealing with its consequences.

The convention also includes exhibits by vendors, service providers, and consumer organizations. This year, exhibits will be open between 11:00am and 2:00pm on Wednesday, April 23. The Talking Book and Braille Service will be staffing an exhibit; please stop by and say hello.

For more information about the VIPS Annual State Convention, contact Nye Bond, 859 South 45th St., Lincoln, NE 68510.

Scourby Award Nominations Sought

Once again the American Foundation for the Blind is inviting nominations for the Alexander Scourby Narrator of the Year Awards. Two Scourby Awards will by presented for outstanding narration. The categories are: fiction -- including mysteries, westerns, science fiction, romance, and adventure, and nonfiction. You are invited to cast your vote, one per category. Send nominations to American Foundation for the Blind, Communications Group, 11 Penn Plaza, Suite 300, New York, NY 10001; e-mail: afbnews@afb.org; telephone: 1-800-232-5463. Submissions must be made no later than March 28, 1997.

The American Foundation for the Blind established this award program for outstanding talking book narration in 1986 in memory of Alexander Scourby, one of its most popular narrators. Scourby recorded talking books for nearly 50 years.

Announcing New Additions to the NE Collection

Books of Nebraska ...

Homestead Fever
NE 636 3 cassettes
by Marie Kramer
The author chronicles true stories passed down from Great Plains homestead settlers. Narrated by Jane Knox.

The Kid, The Cop and the Con
NE 600 2 cassettes
by Tom Frye
In this sequel to Scratchin' on the Eight Ball, Reason Nelson is off alcohol and drugs but discovers staying that way isn't easy. It takes more than just "saying no." Action and adventure follow Reason as he strives to stay clean himself and help the twelve-year-old brother of his girlfriend, Julie. Narrated by Mike Wight.

Moon Woman
NE 640 1 cassette
by Ardiss Cederholm
A book of free verse by a Nebraska poet. Some poems were inspired from visits to the family farm near Holland, Nebraska. Narrated by Ardiss Cederholm.

Once Upon a Pew
NE 624 1 cassette
by Ken Alley
The author, a preacher's kid, offers a whimsical look at over 1000 pulpit bloopers, bulletin typos and other backfires of biblical proportions. Narrated by Marjory Gloe.

Fiction ...

Collected Stories
NE 639 3 cassettes
by Graham Greene
40 short stories representing a 40-year span. Titles include: "May We Borrow Your Husband?" "The Root of All Evil." "The Blessing." "Across the Bridge." and "Proof Positive." In the introduction, Greene tells about some of the curious circumstances in which these stories were first conceived. Narrated by Patrick Horgan and Keith Wodeson. Produced by NLS.

The Honorary Consul
NE 638 2 cassettes
by Graham Greene
Political chaos mingles with love, faith and betrayal among refugees living in an Argentine town. Bestseller 1973. Narrated by Alan Haines. Produced by NLS.

NonFiction ...

Mary Emma & Company
NE 606 2 cassettes
by Ralph Moody
The author relates the move of his widowed mother and their family from Colorado to Massachusetts. Making ends meet takes the help of neighbors
and relatives and the industry of the five self-reliant children. Narrated by Sher Brophy.

An Untold Story; The Roosevelts of Hyde Park
NE 649 3 cassettes
by Elliott Roosevelt and James Brough

The author reveals intimate details about his famous parents and their behavior -- both separately and as husband and wife. He describes his mother's growing independence while his father pursued his political ambitions. A prequel to A Rendezvous with Destiny, RC 10346. Produced by NLS.

Western and Pioneer ...

Cowboy Poetry
NE 625 1 cassette
edited by Hal Cannon
After more than a year's intensive field work, folklorists and researchers compiled this collection of cowboy poems. Some old, some new - all express an honest spirit as lean and hard as the cowboys themselves. Narrated by Tom Winkler.

Plain Enemies: Best True Stories of the Frontier West
NE 627 2 cassettes
by Bob Scott
The flood of Western immigrants threatened the
Indian way of life, and the Indians resisted. Attempting to present both sides of the story, the author discovers evil walking in both boots and moccasins and inhabiting both forts and teepees. Descriptions of violence. Narrated by Tami Works.

Rise and Fall of Jesse James
NE 505 3 cassettes
by Robertus Love
Written by a newspaper man who knew Frank James, this work plumbs the personalities of the outlaw gang, looks at their domestic lives, cites many stories about them, and attempts to separate fact from legend. Narrated by Jim Hewitt.

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