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OCLC Language Sets are an easy and fast way to build multi-language collections for your culturally diverse community. With 13 languages to choose from -- including Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic -- these pre-selected sets provide popular titles in the formats you need - books, video and DVD.

For a limited time only, OCLC is offering a special discount on Language Sets.

Place your order by May 31, to take advantage of these springtime savings:

  • New subscribers: As a special introductory offer, we'll take 25% off your first 2 sets.
  • Current subscribers: Introducing a new Standing Order plan for Language sets! Order any language as part of a monthly standing order plan and you'll receive 15% off every set. And, we'll take 25% off your first 2 sets when ordered by May 31.

Call 800-898-6252 to order and receive this special discount.

With OCLC Language sets, ordering and receiving your non-English materials is convenient and hassle-free.

OCLC makes it simple! We will:

  • Select high quality, current, popular titles
  • Acquire the materials on your behalf
  • Catalog the materials and provide you with OCLC MARC records
  • Ship materials to your door at no additional charge
  • Provide promotional materials to promote your new collection to your patrons
And because your new holdings are automatically added to WorldCat, your users will be able to find these materials on the Web through Google and Yahoo! Search.

Choose adult and children's sets in 13 different languages: Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Panjabi, Tamil, and Urdu. Custom collections are also available.

To learn more about OCLC's Language Sets and to view a 10-minute self-guided presentation, go to

This limited time offer is available only through May 31. Call 800- 898-6252 today!

Christa Burns
OCLC Member Services Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission

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OCLC is working with Cornell University Library to develop a new WorldCat Selection service that will help libraries save time and money by streamlining the selection and ordering process for new library materials and delivering the corresponding WorldCat records.

The WorldCat Selection service will allow selectors of new library materials to view records from multiple materials vendors in one central, comprehensive system. Libraries will be able to get WorldCat records for newly purchased materials into their integrated library system early in the technical services process. And the library's holding symbol will be automatically set on the WorldCat records for the materials.

WorldCat Selection is being developed in partnership with Cornell University Library and is based on software known as the Integrated Tool for Selection and Ordering at Cornell University Library (ITSO CUL). The service is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2006.

"ITSO CUL software has enabled Cornell's acquisitions operation to increase productivity and reduce costs associated with selection and ordering," said Scott Wicks, Head, Acquisitions and Information Organization, Library Technical Services, Cornell University Library. Cornell estimates that the software tool accounts for 40 percent of its firm orders and is saving approximately $100,000 per year in staff costs.

The WorldCat Selection service automates the middle part of the acquisition workflow-the selection process. Librarians still "select" materials, but the need for sending items via paper slips or selecting items in multiple vendor systems is eliminated with WorldCat Selection. Acquisitions staff automatically load WorldCat MARC records into the integrated library system, eliminating the need to re-key data or import data from multiple sources.

OCLC is in negotiations with materials vendors Aux Amateurs de Livres International, Blackwell's Book Services, Casalini Libri, and Harrassowitz to participate in the initial release of WorldCat Selection. OCLC will add more vendors as the service moves forward.

"We believe that this collaboration between Cornell, OCLC and materials vendors has the potential to help institutions further streamline their technical services processes as well as reduce costs," said David Whitehair, OCLC WorldCat Selection Product Manager. "Ultimately, the WorldCat Selection service will benefit all library users who depend on new materials to advance their work and enhance their library experience."

More information on the WorldCat Selection service can be found at


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Users of OCLC's WorldCat database may now add reviews, notes and tables of contents to WorldCat records through a new option that facilitates sharing among library users worldwide. The user contribution option in the WorldCat and WorldCat-related databases in OCLC's FirstSearch service extends a pilot begun in late 2005 to enable contribution of content to WorldCat records in the "Find in a Library" interface of the Open WorldCat program.

User-contributed content helps extend the OCLC cooperative to include record-enhancing information from non-cataloging library professionals as well as library users. For example, family members may add notes to records for genealogical materials about their families, or community members may comment on historical photographs or documents from digital collections about their communities that reside in the WorldCat database.

Content, such as notes and tables of contents, may be expanded or edited by other members of the viewing community. Personal reviews are visible to all WorldCat users, but may not be edited except by the original reviewer.

A new tab labeled Add/View Comments in the full record displays contains notes, reviews and tables of content that have been contributed by WorldCat users. Upon release of this new option within the FirstSearch service, all content contributed through the Find in a Library interface will be visible. Content added through both Find in a Library and FirstSearch will be visible in all public views of the WorldCat database.

Users can contribute content immediately after registering a personal account. Their account allows them to return to the interface at any time, log in and create or revise content. Guidelines for content contributions are provided, and OCLC monitors all submissions. User-contributed content is associated with a WorldCat record, but is maintained separately and does not become part of the record's authoritative bibliographic information.

WorldCat-related databases available through the FirstSearch service, which also include the new user-contributed content, are Ebooks (Electronic Books), WorldCat Dissertations and Theses, and all custom-built group catalogs.

[OCLC; edited]

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Resource Sharing  


OCLC is pleased to introduce the ability to print one request per page in WorldCat Resource Sharing.

This format will reduce the amount of paper libraries use when printing out requests, but will provide libraries with all of the available data for a request. All fields are included in this print format, however, it was necessary to truncate some of the longer fields to ensure a true, one-page format. When users print categories of requests, they will now be defaulted to this print format. If a library prefers, they may still choose the full request format or the two-request per page format. This change will be persistent throughout a WorldCat Resource Sharing session.

It is not currently possible to set a default printing format in the FirstSearch administrative module.

Christa Starck
Product Manager
OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing


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Attention OCLC Full-Cataloging Libraries:

Transaction-based and Fixed-fee OCLC Cataloging pricing ends June 30, 2006!

Effective July 1, all use of OCLC cataloging will be on a subscription basis. On that date, all OCLC cataloging will be migrated to unlimited, subscription pricing.

Subscription pricing is the ONLY pricing option for OCLC Cataloging after June 30.

Cataloging Subscription pricing provides unlimited access to cataloging online products for a flat annual fee. Subscription pricing includes Searching, Exporting, Batch Processing, PromptCat, Catalog Cards, Z39.50 cataloging, Accession List and Bibliographic Record Notification. A list of all OCLC product codes covered by the Cataloging Subscription is available at:

Cataloging Subscription price quotes have been mailed to Heads of Cataloging at all OCLC Full Cataloging libraries in Nebraska. A "OCLC Cataloging Subscription Pricing FAQ" was included in the mailing. You will also find more information on the NEBASE OCLC Cataloging Subscription Pricing web page at:

Christa Burns
OCLC Member Services Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission

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Are you wondering how many titles you have left in your CatExpress subscription? Do you need accurate statistics on your cataloging activity?

The OCLC CatExpress Monthly Transaction Reports have what you need.

Every month OCLC mounts Monthly Transaction Reports detailing your library's CatExpress cataloging activity on the Product Services Web. The Reports list transactions for the Current Month's activity and Year to Date activity. Year to Date activity is for the current subscription year - July 1, 2005-June 30, 2006. Reports remain available for 90 days. There is no extra cost to access the Reports. They are included as part of your CatExpress subscription.

Why do you need to know how much of your CatExpress subscription you have used?

Libraries who exceed their subscription limit may be charged $.875 for each record over the limit. If you monitor your usage and don't go over your subscription limit, you can avoid having to pay any extra charges at the end of the subscription year.

For detailed information about the Monthly Transaction Reports and instructions on how to use them, see the NEBASE CatExpress web site at:

Christa Burns
OCLC Member Services Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission

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Join the NEBASE Dewey Group - save money on the print and web versions of the DDC!

NOTE: Libraries who wish to order any Dewey product DO NOT have to be members of OCLC. Any library can subscribe - Dewey products are available to both OCLC member and non-member libraries.

Dewey in Print

The NEBASE Dewey Group has been expanded to include the print versions of the Abridged Edition 14 of the Dewey Decimal Classification and the 22nd edition of the unabridged Dewey Decimal Classification.

OCLC is offering 10% off of the original price on the DDC 22 and Abridged Edition 14 in print.

If your library is interested in ordering the DDC 22 or Abridged Edition 14 in print, you will find pricing information and the online Order Form at /netserv/nebase/deweyorderbooks.html.

For more information about the DDC, please visit

Dewey on the Web

Now your library can benefit from web-based access to an enhanced version of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) database through WebDewey or Abridged WebDewey. OCLC is offering a discounted price to users who join the NEBASE Dewey Group.

WebDewey and Abridged WebDewey, which correspond to the unabridged and abridged print editions, are updated on a quarterly basis, bringing you ongoing updates implemented by the Dewey editorial team almost as soon as they occur. The Web versions also offer additional electronic functionality not available in the print editions to make your classification work more efficient.

To see a hands-on demo of WebDewey, you can watch the NEBASE "Introduction to WebDewey" online session which was recorded and is available online for you to view at your leisure. The recorded session is viewable from a web browser. You will need a sound card and either earphones or speakers. There is no cost to view this recorded session. To view the WebDewey session, go to the Online Sessions Archive web site at:
/training/.  Enter webdewey in the key word search box.

The current WebDewey & Abridged WebDewey Group subscription year runs from January 1 - December 31. Libraries may join the WebDewey & Abridged WebDewey Group at any time. Midyear subscriptions will be prorated. Orders must be received by the 15th of the month for a start date of the 1st of the following month.

If your library is interested in subscribing to WebDewey or Abridged WebDewey, you will find pricing information and the online Order Form at /netserv/nebase/deweyorder.html.

For more information about web access to the DDC, go to

If you have any questions about DDC 22, Abridged Edition 14, WebDewey, Abridged WebDewey or the NEBASE Group, please contact Christa Burns, 402-471-3107, or 800-307-2665.

Christa Burns
OCLC Member Services Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission

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An enhancement to the MARC Subscription service now ensures that lengthy MARC records will show up in their entirety. Libraries that regularly add lengthy summaries or content notes to a record or many added entries will be pleased to finally see the entire record come through in their MARC Subscription file. This enhancement also applies to OCLC WorldCat Collection Sets, Bibliographic Notification, PromptCat, and GovDoc services. Previous to this enhancement, these services had record size limits of 4,096 characters. Records that exceeded these limits were truncated. The size limit for a single record is 99,999 characters as of April 25, 2006.

[OCLC; edited]

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Connexion client version 1.60 is coming in June!

The future enhancements page on the Connexion Web site has been updated with new information about the upcoming release. Please see: 

Additional information will be posted to the Web site and the Known Problems document will be updated when we get closer to the release date.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is about the Windows-based Connexion client interface only. This does not impact the Web-based Connexion browser interface.

David Whitehair
Connexion Client Product Manager
OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Services

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The Local Holdings Maintenance Quick Reference is now available.

The online version is available in HTML format: 
and in PDF format:

This 8-page quick reference provides all the basic information you need to maintain accurate, current holdings information for your library. This information supports interlibrary loan by providing your library's holdings for materials in any format, including serials. By making all aspects of the collection known, it also supports collection development.

The Quick Reference is divided into the following sections:

  • Overview
  • Local holdings in Connexion browser
  • Find local holdings records
  • Edit local holdings records
  • Create local holdings records
  • Create and apply LH constant data
  • Delete local holdings records
  • Local holdings and resource sharing
  • Local holdings record fields: definitions and guidelines
Additional documentation on OCLC's Local Holdings Maintenance can be found at 

If you would like a no-charge copy of the printed version of this Quick Reference, please send an email request to and ask for product code REF1112.

Peter Insabella
Manager, Product Documentation Content
OCLC, Inc.

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