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Nebraska Library Commission Online Sessions

GoTo Webinar FAQ and Troubleshooting

Using GoTo Webinar: The following screenshots will show you the basics of using GoTo Webinar. Click each picture to see it full size.

  GoToWebinar Interface  GoToWebinar Sound Check

You can test your internet connection and audio before or during a session.

Login Issues: Unless you have heard from us ahead of time, a session is being broadcast as advertised. If you are having difficulty logging in, there are various fixes you could try: log out of GoTo Webinar and back in again; close your browser and try to access the broadcast again in a new browser session; try using a different computer. Since we do not host GoTo Webinar ourselves, we don't have control over any login issues they may be having. We do recommend reviewing the GoTo Webinar system requirements before attending any of our sessions.

Sound is garbled/bad/unintelligible: Usually this is caused by bandwidth issues between us and you that we both have no control over. Generally it fixes itself during the session. You could try logging out and back in again to reset your connection.

No sound or volume is too low: Check to make sure your speakers and/or headset is not muted or has the volume turned down. Use the Volume icon in your monitor system tray (usually on the lower right of your monitor) to adjust your computer volume. If you are using external speakers, check to see if they have their own control knobs. If you are using a headset, check to see if there is a volume control on the wire connecting them to your computer.

Time Zone: Unless otherwise noted, Nebraska Library Commission sessions are broadcast from the Central Time Zone. Convert to your time zone on the Official U.S. Time website or use the World Clock Time Zone Converter. In the Time Zone Converter, choose "U.S.A - Nebraska - Lincoln" as the Time Zone you are converting from.

Need More Help?

If you need additional assistance, please email Christa Porter or call 800-307-2665.