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Cataloging Services

Cataloging Resources available from the Nebraska Library Commission


(Staff members can be reached at the Nebraska Library Commission toll-free at
1-800-307-2665 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.)

  • Cataloging Librarian, Emily Nimsakont, (402) 471-4031.
    Emily is available to answer your cataloging questions. She can assist with original cataloging, copy cataloging, descriptive cataloging, assigning subject headings and call numbers, interpreting cataloging rules, and understanding the components of a MARC record.
  • Library Development Director, Richard Miller (402) 471-3175.
    Richard is available to assist/advise libraries on applying for LSTA grant money available for automation and other technology projects.

PRINT RESOURCES -- Listed by Subject Area

All materials listed below can be borrowed from the Nebraska Library Commission's circulating collection. Out-of-state requests must be made through Interlibrary Loan. For complete information about these items or any other materials in the circulating collection, please search the Nebraska Library Commission On-line Catalog

General Cataloging

  • Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules [with 2002-2005 updates], prepared under the direction of the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR, a committee of the American Library Association ... [et al.].
    Published by the American Library Association, 2002-
    ISBN 0-8389-3531-1
    Call number: Z694.15 .A56 A53 2002
  • The Concise AACR2, based on AACR2 2002 revision, 2004 update, prepared by Michael Gorman.
    Published by the American Library Association, 2004.
    ISBN 0-8389-3548-6
    Call number: Z694.15 .A56 G67 2004
  • Maxwell's Handbook for AACR2R : Explaining and Illustrating the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules through the 2003 Update by Robert L. Maxwell.
    Published by the American Library Association, 2004.
    ISBN 0-8389-0875-6
    Call number: Z694.15 .A56 M393 2004
  • Standard Cataloging for School and Public Libraries, 4th Edition, by Sheila S. Intner and Jean Weihs.
    Published by Libraries Unlimited, 2007.
    ISBN 978-1-59158-378-3
    Call number: Z693 .I56 2007
  • Cataloging Correctly for Kids: An Introduction to the Tools, 4th Edition, edited by Sheila S. Intner, Joanna F. Fountain and Jane E. Gilchrist.
    Published by American Library Association, 2006.
    ISBN 978-0-8389-3359-0
    Call number: Z695.1 .C6 C37 2006
  • FRBR: A Guide for the Perplexed, Robert Maxwell. Published by American Library Association, 2008.
    ISBN 978-0-8389-0950-8
    Call number: Z666.6 .M39 2008
  • Understanding FRBR: What It Is and How It Will Affect Our Retreival Tools, edited by Arlene G. Taylor. Published by Libraries Unlimited, 2007.
    ISBN 978-1-59158-509-1
    Call number: Z666.6 .U53 2007
  • The Organization of Information, 2nd Edition, Arlene G. Taylor. Published by Libraries Unlimited, 2004.
    ISBN 978-1-56308-976-3
    Call number: Z666.5 .T39 2004
  • Wynar's Introduction to Cataloging and Classification, revised 9th Edition, Arlene G. Taylor with the assistance of David P. Miller.
    Libraries Unlimited, 2004.
    ISBN 978-1-59158-213-7
    Call number: Z693 .W94 2004
  • Cataloging and Classification: An Introduction, 3rd ed., by Lois Mai Chan. Published by Scarecrow Press, 2007.
    ISBN 978-0-8108-6000-1
    Call number: Z693.5 .U6 C48 2007

Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC)

  • Understanding MARC Bibliographic, 5th Edition, written by Betty Furrie in conjunction with the Data Base Development Department of The Follett Software Company.
    Published by the Library of Congress, Cataloging Distribution Service, 1998.
    ISBN 0-8444-0961-8
    Call number: LC 30.2: M 18/5/998
  • MARC Bibliographic Format Guide, Revised edition by Judith Yurczyk. ("Text based on information in the USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data.")
    Published by Follett Software Company, c1996.
    ISBN 0-695-62022-3
    Call number: Z699.35 .M28 Y87 1996
  • MARC21 for Everyone: A Practical Guide by Deborah A. Fritz and Richard J. Fritz.
    Published by American Library Association, c2003.
    ISBN 0-8389-0842-X
    Call number: Z699.35 .M28 F75 2003
  • More Easy MARC : Format Integration : A Simplified Guide to Creating Catalog Records for Library Automation Systems Incorporating Format Integration by Scott Pipenburg.
    Published by F&W Associates, 1996.
    ISBN 0-9652126-0-2
    Call number: Z693 .P542 1996
  • Cataloging with AACR2 and MARC21 : For Books, Electronic Resources, Sound Recordings, Videorecordings, and Serials by Deborah A. Fritz.
    Published by the American Library Association, 2004.
    ISBN 0-8389-0884-5
    Call number: Z694.15 .A56 F75 2004


  • Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index, Edition 22, Volumes 1-4.
    Published by Forest Press, 2003.
    ISBN 0-910608-70-9 (4 volume set).
    Call number: Z696 .D519 2003 V.1-4
  • Abridged Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index, Edition 14.
    Published by Forest Press, 2004.
    ISBN 0-910608-73-3
    Call number: Z696 .D54 2004
  • Dewey Decimal Classification : A Practical Guide by Lois Mai Chan, John P. Comaromi, and Mohinder P. Satija.
    Published by Forest Press, c1994.
    ISBN 0-910608-49-0
    Call number: Z696 .D7 C48 1994
  • Essential Dewey by J.H. Bowman.
    Published by Neal-Schuman Publishers, c2005.
    ISBN 978-1-55570-544-2
    Call number: Z696 .D7 B69 2005
  • Workbook for DDC 22: Dewey Decimal Classification, Edition 22 edited by Christina Neigel.
    Published by Canadian Library Association, c2006.
    ISBN 0-88802-326-X
    Call number: Z696 .D7 W67 2006
  • Library of Congress Classification Schedules.
    Published by the Library of Congress, Cataloging Distribution Service, publication date varies for each volume.
    ISBN varies for each volume. Contact Devra Dragos, the NLC Technical Services/ Cataloging Librarian for exact information at (402)471-4335 or 1-800-307-2665.
    Call number: LC 26.9
  • Conversion Tables [LC-Dewey, Dewey-LC] by Mona L. Scott.
    Published by Libraries Unlimited, 1999.
    ISBN 1-56308-017-6 (Print version)
    ISBN 1-56308-152-0 (Disk version)
    Call number: Z696 .U4 S36 1999, V. 1-3
  • Essential Classification, Vanda Broughton.
    Published by Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2004.
    ISBN 1-55570-507-3
    Call number: Z695 .B8615 2004

Subject Headings

  • Sears List of Subject Headings, 18th Edition, edited by Joseph Miller.
    Published by H.W. Wilson, 2004.
    ISBN 0-8242-1040-9
    Call number: Z695 .Z8 S43 2004
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings, 27th Edition, Volumes 1-5.
    Published by the Library of Congress, Cataloging Distribution Service, 2004.
    ISSN 1048-9711
    Call number: LC 26.7: 27/V.1-5
  • Free-Floating Subdivisions : An Alphabetical Index, prepared by the Cataloging Policy and Support Office [for use with the Library of Congress Subject Headings].
    Published by the Library of Congress, Cataloging Distribution Service, 2004.
    ISSN 1052-1445
    Call number: LC 30.2: F 87/2004
  • Subject Headings for Children : A List of Subject Headings Used by the Library of Congress with Abridged Dewey Numbers Added, 2nd ed., Volumes 1-2.
    Published by Forest Press, 1998.
    ISBN 091060858X (2 volume set)
    Call number: Z695.1.C6 S83 1998 V.1-2

Cataloging for Non-Book Materials

  • Serials Cataloging Handbook : An Illustrative Guide to the Use of AACR2R and LC Rule Interpretations, 2nd Edition, by Carol Liheng, Winnie S. Chan.
    Published by the American Library Association, 1998.
    ISBN 0-8389-0732-6
    Call number: Z695.7 .L56 1998
  • Notes for Serials Cataloging, 2nd Edition, Revised and Edited by Beverley Geer and Beatrice L. Caraway.
    Published by Libraries Unlimited, 1998.
    ISBN 1-56308-449-X
    Call number: Z695.7 .T46 1998
  • Cataloging of Audiovisual Materials and Other Special Materials : A Manual Based on AACR2, 4th Edition, by Nancy B. Olson.
    Published by Minnesota Scholarly Press, 1998.
    Call number: Z695.66 .O43 1998
  • Organizing Audiovisual and Electronic Resources for Access : A Cataloging Guide by Ingrid Hsieh-Yee.
    Published by Libraries Unlimited, 2006.
    ISBN 1-59158-051-X
    Call number: Z695.66 .H75 2006
  • Cataloging Nonprint and Internet Resources : A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians by Mary Beth Weber.
    Published by Neal-Schuman Publishers, Number 113 of the "How-To-Do-It Manuals for Libraries" series, c2002.
    ISBN 1-55570-435-2
    Call number: Z695.66 .W34 2002
  • Archival Moving Image Materials : A Cataloging Manual.
    Published by Library of Congress, 2000.
    ISBN 0-8444-1008-X
    Call number: Z695.64 .W47 2000
  • Cartographic Materials : A Manual of Interpretation for AACR2, 2002 Revision prepared by the Anglo-American Cataloguing Committee for Cartographic Materials ; Elizabeth U. Mangan, editor.
    Published by American Library Association, c2003.
    ISBN 0-8389-3539-7
    Call number: Z695.6 .C37 2003
  • Cataloger's Judgement : Music Cataloging Questions and Answers from the Music OCLC Users Group Newsletter Jay Weitz.
    Published by Libraries Unlimited, c2004.
    ISBN 1-59158-052-8
    Call number: ML111 .W34 2004

Authority Control

  • Maxwell's Guide to Authority Work by Robert L. Maxwell.
    Published by American Library Association, c2002.
    ISBN 0-8389-0822-5
    Call number: Z693.3 .A88 M39 2002
  • Authority Control : Principles, Applications, and Instructions by Doris Hargrett Clack.
    Published by the American Library Association, 1990.
    ISBN 0-8389-0516-1
    Call number: Z693.3 .A88 C58 1990
  • Authority Control in the Online Environment : Considerations and Practices edited by Barbara B. Tillett.
    Published by The Haworth Press, c1989.
    ISBN 0-86656-871-9
    Call number: Z693.3 .A88 A86 1989


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