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Grove Art Online and Grove Music Online

Grove Art Online

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Grove Art Online is the foremost scholarly art encyclopedia, covering both Western and non-Western art. First published as the landmark 34-volume Dictionary of Art, edited by Jane Turner, the content of Grove Art encompasses all aspects of visual culture.

Grove Music Online

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Grove Music Online is the leading online resource for music research. Offering full-text access to music scholarship, online-only entries, and multimedia content it is the unsurpassed authority on all aspects of music.

Pricing (2018-2019)
Pricing listed is per database.

The Nebraska Library Commission has worked with Oxford University Press to arrange discounted pricing on this product. As a result of these negotiations Nebraska libraries subscribing through the Nebraska Library Commission will be eligible for a 25% discount off list price on annual subscription.

  • All rates include remote access. 
  • Rates are per year. 
  • Authentication is available by IP, referring URL, username and password and/or library card. 
  • Minimum price $435.
  • The price for add-on subscriptions throughout the year, will not be prorated below $435 nor will network discounts be deducted from this minimum charge.

Academic Concurrent User Pricing (Limited Usage Option)

Users List Price NLC Price
1 user $2,385 $1,788.75
3 users $3,020 $2,265.00
5 users $3,525 $2,643.75
8 users $4,180 $3,135.00
11 users $5,280 $3,960.00
14 users $6,200 $4,650.00

Academic FTE Pricing (Unlimited Access Option)

FTE Range* List Price NLC Price
1-1,249 $2,985 $2,238.75
1,250-2,499 $3,525 $2,643.75
2,500-4,999 $5,295 $3,971.25
5,000-9,999 $6,520 $4,890.00
10,000-24,999 $9,535 $7,151.25
25,000-49,999 $12,975 $9,731.25
*Academic FTE weighted at 100% for 4-year academic institutions and 50% for 2-year academic institutions, specialized institutions, tribal colleges & universities.

Public Library Pricing (Unlimited Access Option)

Pricing is based on the library's population served and not library cardholders.

Population Served List Price NLC Price
1-24,999 $2,385 $1,788.75
25,000-49,999 $3,020 $2,265.00
50,000-99,999 $4,455 $3,341.25
100,000-199,999 $6,025 $4,518.75
200,000-499,999 $8,185 $6,138.75
500,000-799,999 $11,015 $8,261.25

Secondary School Pricing (Unlimited Access Option)

  • (K-12) per school - List Price: $485 / NLC Price: $412.25 (15% off bundle pricing)

Special school bundle pricing is available for this product. 

To Place an Order:

For more information, contact Databases.