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NetLibrary Shared Collections Have Been Re-Opened - CLOSED

PLEASE NOTE: These collections are now closed.  The order deadline was November 30, 2007.  This page is for informational purposes only. Questions? Contact Christa Burns.

The SOLINET and NEBASE Regional Library Networks are pleased to announce that the 3rd, 4th and 5th NetLibrary Shared Collections have been temporarily re-opened!

Back by popular demand, SOLINET and NEBASE are now offering the chance to purchase their 3rd, 4th and 5th Shared Collections of NetLibrary ebooks.  These collections of electronic books include content from the top academic and trade publishers in subjects suited for academic and public libraries, each including many of the same top university presses and trade and commercial publishers.  The title lists are finalized, and no new content will be added.  The only additions over time will be for additional copies of high use titles.


The following collections are available: 

  • The SOLINET/NEBASE 5th Shared Collection (2005) (7,030 titles)
  • The SOLINET/NEBASE 4th Shared Collection (2004) (7,659 titles)
  • The SOLINET/NEBASE 3rd Shared Collection (2003) (11,173 titles)


  • MARC record sets included in price.
  • No additional licensing for those who have completed eBook and Subscriber Agreements in connection with 3rd Shared, 4th Shared, 5th Shared, or unique collections purchases since January 2003
  • Available 24 hours a day/seven days a week
  • Can be viewed online on any PC connected to the Internet
  • Remote access available
  • Real time usage reports are available from your Library Resource Center

The deadline for ordering one or more of these re-opened collections was NOVEMBER 30, 2007.


  • The cost to buy into one of these collections is $1.20/FTE
  • For public libraries, FTE = 5% of registered borrowers
  • For K12 schools take $1.20 X student enrollment
  • The minimum price per collection is $550


All libraries wishing to purchase one or more of the re-opened collections must submit a NetLibrary Order Form.  If the library HAS NOT participated in any of the three SOLINET/NEBASE Shared Collections (3rd, 4th, or 5th), then they must also submit the Subscriber Agreement and Library eBook Agreement (Member Terms and Conditions). No additional licensing is required for those who have completed eBook and Subscriber Agreements since January 2003.

Please fax the NetLibrary Order Form (and any applicable license agreements) to:

By Fax:

Christa Burns
402-471-2083 (fax)

By Mail:

Christa Burns
Nebraska Library Commission
1200 N Street, Suite 120
Lincoln, NE 68508


How many titles are in each collection?
The finalized title counts are listed above next to each shared collection.  SOLINET collects money from libraries that want to participate in the reopened collections and, once they have a pool of funds, they will buy additional copies of existing, high-use titles.  However, these title lists are finalized, so no new content will be added.

Why do Collections I and II offer perpetual access with no additional fees, but collection III, IV, and V only provides guaranteed five-year access with no additional fees?
Our original contract with NetLibrary expired on June 31, 2002. That is the contract under which Collections I and II were developed, and it provided the option to pay an ongoing access fee for perpetual access to all titles purchased. This meant that all libraries participating in Collections I and II will continue to have access to those titles in perpetuity.

However, after the purchase of NetLibrary by OCLC, the access options provided to all NetLibrary users (including SOLINET and NEBASE) replaced perpetual access with "prepaid ongoing access."

Are the MARC records available?
SOLINET works with OCLC to create a WorldCat Collection Set of MARC records for each shared collection. MARC records for NetLibrary Shared Collections are available to download through OCLC's Product Services Web site.  You will need a separate authorization and password for each set of records you want to download.  For more information, including authorizations and passwords, please request a NetLibrary MARC Record Information Packet from Christa Burns (email) or phone 800-307-2665.


How will users access the eBooks?
If your library orders and downloads the free MARC records for the collection, then users will be able to access the eBooks directly from your OPAC. Each eBook's OCLC MARC record will contain the book's URL in the 856 field. Users can click on the URL to be sent directly to the eBook, where they will be prompted to log in.


For more information, contact Christa Burns.