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Database Trials

 Please let us know if you have a resource you would like to see available for trial.  Information on how to access the trials will be posted on this page and to the TRIAL mailing list as it become available. (See Nebraska Library Commission Mailing Lists for information on how to subscribe.)


 Spring 2018 Vendors and Trial Dates:

Statista - Through April 25, 2018

Databases Available for Trial Spring 2018:


Description: Statista is an online statistics database that brings together statistics, facts, and market data from a wide variety of reputable sources. It is a global platform with a special focus on US, UK, EU, and Asia.

Here are a few statistics about Statista:

  • Contains statistics on more than 80,000 topics, applicable to all markets and industries.
  • Data is drawn from at least 18,000 original sources.
  • All statistics are exportable for re-publication purposes (in PNG, PDF, XLS, and PPT formats).
  • New stats (400-500) are added every day.
  • Includes over 20,000 hand-curated forecasts (400 industries/42 countries) generated by in-house analysts, and over 20,000 third-party studies.
  • Includes over 1,500 infographics.
  • Features optional add-on Consumer Market Outlook + Digital Market Outlook


Trial Dates: Through April 25, 2018

Trial Access Instructions: Trial access information was distributed via a March 29, 2018 message to the Trial mailing list. Nebraska librarians who didn't receive this information or would like it sent to them again may contact Susan Knisely.

Pricing: Statista is offering a 10% discount off list price to new academic and K12 library subscribers in Nebraska. If you are interested in pricing, please contact Susan Knisely with your academic FTE of K12 student enrollment. Statista will also provide public library pricing upon request.


  • Pricing for databases available for purchase and links to trials directly from vendors.
  • The TRIAL mailing list - sign up to receive up-to-date announcements about pricing and trials

For more information, contact Databases