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Online Documents Distribution Procedures


Beginning in 2005, the Nebraska State Documents Program changed from a microfiche distribution program into a digital preservation and alerting program. The Depository program is now being redirected toward preserving electronic versions of the same high-priority documents that were formerly sent to depositories on microfiche. They are being downloaded or scanned, archived on a Library Commission server, and linked from Nebraska State Publications Online, which will continue to be a comprehensive web listing of state agency publications. Depositories receive regular alerts about new state government publications via the What's Up Doc newsletter, which now includes stable urls of the ones that have been archived. We will also continue to rely on state agencies to send publications to the Publications Clearinghouse, and on our Depository and other library partners to assist us in making Nebraska government information available. General procedures will be as follows:

Items arriving in print that would have been distributed in microfiche in the past

  • If an online equivalent exists on the web it will be downloaded to our site and given a stable url.
  • If there is no online equivalent it will be scanned and given a stable url.
  • The url of the online version will be included in the OCLC catalog record.

Online items not received in print.

  • The item will be claimed and print copies requested.
  • If print copies are not forwarded by the agency we will evaluate the publication and either print it ourselves and catalog it or catalog the electronic version.
  • Items that would have been distributed on microfiche will be downloaded and given a stable url, which will be included in the OCLC catalog record


  • If the item is a serial (e.g. annual report, newsletter) an index web page will be created that lists individual reports/issues.
  • The url of the index page will be included in OCLC catalog records.

Depository Alerts

  • Depositories will receive email alerts with titles, OCLC numbers, and urls.


  • Microfilm will be produced for key items

For more information, contact Mary Sauers.