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Nebraska State Documents
Depository Library Program

A major component of the Publications Clearinghouse Service is the operation of a Nebraska state publications depository program. Its purpose is to collect the publications of all branches of state government and state-funded educational institutions to ensure that
  • state government information is made available to a wide audience.

  • valuable publications are preserved for future generations.

  • publication and distribution costs are reduced because agencies can refer individuals to the Commission or depositories.

  • Agencies have access to their own publications.

Nebraska State Depository Libraries

A. History and Operations

A brief overview of how the Clearinghouse Service works. Includes history, acquisitions, processing, cataloging, and distribution of Nebraska state agency publications.

B. State Agency Responsibilities

Procedures and forms for state agency contacts to use to send print and online publications to the Clearinghouse and get publications listed on the State Publications Online web site.

C. Depository Library Responsibilities

Tools for depository staff including Guide to Nebraska State Agencies, depository rules and regulations, documents mail groups, What's Up Doc, Nebraska depository directories.

D. Resources for Government Information

Links to Frequently Asked Questions on Nebraska topics, State Publications Online, Subject Guide to Nebraska Government, government web sites, referring legal questions, etc.

For more information, contact Mary Sauers.