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Library Innovation Studios
Station 1Makerbot Replicator+ 3D Printer
Station 2Universal Laser Cutter
Station 3Graphtec CE6000-60 Vinyl Cutter
Station 4Carvey Inventables CNC Router
Station 5Bernette Embroidery Machine from Bernina
Station 6EnduraPRESS Heat Press & Epson WF 3260 Printers
 Mobile Kits
Kit 1Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit
Kit 2Laminator Kit
Kit 3Arduino Starter Kit
Kit 4SparkFun Inventor’s Kit
Kit 5Makey Makey
Kit 6Camera and Video Creator Kit
Kit 7Audio/Music Kit
Kit 8Weller Soldering Kit
Kit 9Button Maker Kit

Other Equipment

Equipment Instructions

Space Needs Chart

About Consumables


Users of the Library Innovation Studios have a number of choices when it comes to consumables needed to make things.

Patrons/Customers May:

1) Bring in their own consumables (if they are safe to use with the machine).

2) Purchase the consumable stock provided by the Nebraska Library Commission (NLC) at reasonable prices that include sales tax. Library staff will handle these sales but NLC will remit the sales tax. Consumables were made available at Library Innovation Studios for purchase by makers so that immediate making was possible. Although there are many sources for consumables, the bulk of the consumables that were purchased for the Library Innovation Studios Project were purchased through these vendors. .

3) Use consumable stock provided by NLC that a local donor is providing the funding (i.e. perhaps a local business wants to cover the costs of the summer reading group to make mirror-backed buttons). (This is simply an idea the library may wish to pursue.)

4) Purchase consumables that the library has purchased to resell (typically something that the NLC did not provide.) (Again an idea the library may wish to pursue especially if it's a consumable for a machine they plan to purchase after their hosting period.)

5) Use up consumables that were donated by local businesses or collected through a "Local Consumables Drive." "Local Consumables Drive" document - things to consider in your collection efforts.

6) Use up consumables left over from another patron and placed in the "free box." (The Library may wish to provide a "free box" for users who have leftover materials that are still useable to leave behind for other patrons.

Note: Consumables used up in Training and Demonstrations are considered project costs, however consumables used up in training should be:

* Kept it in the library as examples and promotional pieces,

* Used again if possible - a T-shirt can be used for multiple transfers, etc.

* Used on a very limited basis to conserve the project budget.

Host libraries are asked to:

1) Maintain the supply of consumables in a manner than prevents the product from "walking out the door" that are available "for sale" to consumers.

2) Keep all boxes, vinyl rolls, etc. that the consumables are supplied in. These will be needed when the items are restocked.

3) Let project staff know when you are running low on consumables that were provided by NLC so that more consumables can be ordered and provided by project staff.

4) When selling the consumable stock provided by the Nebraska Library Commission, keep a record of the sales in the Excel spreadsheet provided by NLC and send an electronic version of that spreadsheet at the end of every month and as requested by project staff. Keep funds safe and remit the funds collected at the end of the hosting period (or as requested). A cash box will be provided to each Studio.

For more information, contact JoAnn McManus.