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Station #1 - 3D Printer

This shows a heat press station (Station #6), which features a single device, the EnduraPRESS SA12 9” x 12” Swing Away Heat Press machine. You can keep this in a permanent location or bring it out from time to time for its use. A 2’ wide and 2’ deep table would work for this station. This machine will need access to an electrical outlet. Because the heat press will get very hot, it best if it is used in an area that does not have children walking by.

You can use the heat press to apply a design to a t-shirt, apron, mousepad, bag or other fabric. Because of the size of this heat press the design is limited to 9 by 12 inches.

There are several processes and materials that can be used with this heat press. Other devices that can be used in conjunction with the heat press is the laser cutter and the vinyl cutter.



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