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Universal Laser Systems VLS230 Laser Cutter

This shows the laser cutter station (Station #2), which features three devices, the Universal Laser Systems laser cutter, a Bofa Air Filtration System that will be connected to the laser cutter by a hose, and a desktop computer. The laser cutter will come with a cutting table (used with flat items) and a rotation unit internal attachment so that cylinder shaped items such as a jar or glass can also be etched. One Touch Photo software will be included so that you can etch a design that is generated from a photo. CorelDraw software will also be provided to use with the laser cutter and other devices so that users can design their own creations.

The laser cutter and the desktop computer will be set up in the same proximity either on the same table or counter with the filtration system sitting on the floor next to or under the table. Each of the three devices (the laser cutter, the filtration unit and the computer) will need to be plugged into electricity. A multi-outlet surge protector will be provided. The computer will need internet access, ideally through a hard-wired port. Ideally you would want to allow a minimum of 12 inches between the devices. A 6' x 3' table would work for this station with additional space underneath, or next to the table for the BOFA unit.

Note about fumes, dust, and cleanup: The laser cutter will be installed with an air filtration system attached to it by a hose so that it does not need to be vented to the outside. The filtration system will simply be connected to the machine when it is installed. This takes care of fumes and collects small particles. After someone is done with their project, there will be chunks of material inside the laser cutter that are part of the "cutout." This will need to be cleaned up by the user using the portable vacuum that will be also provided in the kit so it's ready for the next user. Generally after a year of heavy use, the filter inside the filtration system will need to be replaced. There will be an indicator on the machine to indicate when the filter is nearing its capacity.

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