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2021 Nebraska Makerspace Conference

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Additional Makerspace Resources

At the 2021 Nebraska Makerspace Conference, it became abundantly clear that makerspaces in Nebraska--many of them newly developed—had both an interest and need to get information, share information and stay connected. The additional resources linked below were either gathered because of that need, or created specifically to address that need and interest.

Connecting Nebraska Makerspaces

Nebraska makerspaces can now connect with each other by joining the Nebraska Library Commission’s “Makerspace” mailing list. That discussion group can share information and ideas and ask questions about makerspaces, makerspace equipment and other things related to starting and maintaining a makerspace. Participation will go beyond library staff to schools and other types of makerspaces (or others interested in Makerspaces in Nebraska). Interested parties can subscribe to this list from the Nebraska Library Commission’s website.

For more information, contact JoAnn McManus.