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Library Improvement Grant

2022 Grant Completion Report Form

Due Date: June 30, 2022

Library Name
Contact Name
Contact Email
Grant Number
Grant Amount
Final Amount of
Grant Expenditures
Please respond to the following:

1. Summary/Abstract: Briefly summarize what you did during the project (implemented, created, accomplished), including what was purchased. Please provide at least a 150 word summary

NOTE: Your project summary MUST tie your projects to the purposes of ARPA, namely response to and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, you should ask how your library or community has been affected by the pandemic, and then detail how your project(s) respond to those needs to recover from it.

2. LSTA Purpose: Please select all activities that were completed as a part of this project:

Instruction: Involves an interaction for knowledge or skill transfer.

Content: Involves the acquisition, development, or transfer of information.

Planning and Evaluation: Involves design, development, or assessment of operations, services, or resources.

Procurement: Involves purchasing facilities, equipment/supplies, hardware/software, or other materials (not content).

3. Partnerships: Did your project have partners? If so, please check all that apply:

Other Libraries


Historical Societies


Other Institutions (please specify)

4. Partnerships (Part 2): If your project had partners, identify the types of organizations:

Federal Government (besides IMLS)

State Government (besides NLC)

Local Government (excluding school districts)

School Districts

Non-Profit Organizations

Tribal Organizations

Private Sector

5. Target Audience/Beneficiaries: Did your project target a specific group or the general population. Please check below:

General Population

Targeted Group

6. Project Outcomes (Expectations): List the important outcomes of this project. What was the result or benefit? Were the expected outcomes of your project those you anticipated and planned for? If there were any unexpected outcomes, were these positive or negative? Please describe.

7. Project Outcomes (Importance): Describe the importance of these outcomes for future planning.

8. Project Feedback: Are there any significant lessons learned that might be of interest to the Nebraska Library Commission or the library community in general? If so, please describe.

9. Evaluation: What types of methods were used (e.g. survey, review of administrative data, interviews/focus groups, participant observation, other)? Please describe your evaluation methods, and summarize your results.

10. Impact Narratives: please submit (via email) addendums, such as photos, impact stories, surveys, etc. to support this report. Submit to

11. Budget: Please enter your original budget, and final expenditures for the categories below.

 Original BudgetFinal Expenditures
Consultant Fees
(Speaker Fees, etc.)
(Laptops, Books, PPE)
(Only equipment with a cost of more than $5,000.
If less than $5,000, report as "Supplies/Materials")
Services (eBook Subscription, Service Fees, etc.)

If you have any questions, please contact:

Christa Porter
Nebraska Library Commission
c/o Grant Completion Reports
1200 N Street, Suite 120
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508-2023

Phone: 402-471-4003, 800-307-2665
Email: Christa Porter