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Nebraska Carnegie Libraries

Historical Library Photographs
Alphabetical by City

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* Year with images denotes when library moved into Carnegie building. Some photographs are provided courtesy of additional sources.

Andrew Carnegie

Nebraska and Carnegie Libraries
by Marguerite Nesbit. 1930.

Typed manuscript. Nesbit tells a colorful, personalized story of the history of Nebraska and the development of its libraries from the creation of the State Library in 1854 to 1929. Libraries built in Nebraska with Carnegie grants between 1901 and 1922 are featured along with a biography of Andrew Carnegie, the great library benefactor. The foreword includes a list of tax-supported non-Carnegie libraries. A chart showing organization and building dates for 68 of the 69 Carnegie libraries and a bibliography of Nesbit ' s sources are appended. The manuscript is accompanied by a collection of library photographs, most of which are of Carnegie libraries.

View the manuscript (PDF)
Nebraska Public Library Founding Dates A table arranged alphabetically by town name. Includes founding dates of library organizations, dates buildings were constructed, sponsorship by Women ' s Clubs, current regional library system the library is in, and notes about date discrepancies, whether the building was a Carnegie, and current existence/use of Carnegie buildings.

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