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James I. Wyer, Jr.
Photo: Sombrero, Volume V, 1899, p. 21 Published by class of 1900, University of Nebraska (Lincoln).
Courtesy of University of Nebraska--Lincoln Archives and Special Collections.

James I. Wyer, Jr.

University of Nebraska Librarian

James Wyer came from Concordia, Kansas, originally. His father was a banker in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota, where he attended the University of Minnesota. He became director of the University Library in Lincoln in 1898 at the invitation of the Chancellor, George MacLean.

Wyer began a term as Commissioner of the newly formed Nebraska Public Library Commission on June 27, 1901. He was president of the Commission during its first four years. He left the Commission November 23, 1905 (?).

Wyer was president of the Nebraska Library Association from 1899 to 1900. After that term of office he became secretary of the American Library Association and later president of that organization. He served on the board of director for the Carnegie Library for Lincoln for three years.

After he left the state he was granted an M.L.S. from the New York Library School. This degree was given for significant achievement in the field after graduation. He was reference librarian and vice-director of the New York State Library School and was promoted to State Librarian and Director of that school in 1908, where he remained until his retirement.

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