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Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities

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Letters of Support

As part of the grant process each of the 140 participating libraries were asked to write a letter of support for their library. In these letters libraries agreed to sustain the public computer center and make access available for free to the public. They were also asked to talk about the use of computers and internet access in their library. Here are just a few snippets from those letters.

"For many patrons a daily stop at the computer lab is as important as the grocery store or post office. Free public access to computers has become vital and is expected." - Dixie Kucera, Former Director of the Raymond A. Whitwer Tilden Public Library, Tilden
"The reasons people use the library's public computers are as varied as the people who come in: checking school records, applying for financial aid, filing income tax, getting a hunting license, job searching, checking email, checking bank balances, taking on-line classes, and more. The library's computers help our community stay in touch with the rest of the world." - Jorene Herr, Bruun Memorial Library, Humboldt
"Without our free public access computers many people in our community would not have the opportunity to enrich their lives with such a wide range of information. Learning and knowledge are the backbone of our nation's libraries, and computers are a huge part of that. This benefits not just our small community but the nation." - Melanie West, Assistant Librarian, Oshkosh Public Library, Oshkosh

The participating libraries were also asked to collect letters of support from their local community leaders, organizations and customers. The outpouring of local support was overwhelming with over 400 letters received. We would like to thank all of those folks for supporting their local libraries and submitting letters.

For more information, contact Allana Novotny.