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Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities

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Tools for Participants

BTOP Reporting Information for Participating Libraries

The Monthly Reporting Form is due the 10th day of each month and shall include the previous month's activity (e.g. January 2011 report is due February 10, 2011). Each library participating in the Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities shall complete the reporting form each month. Please submit completed forms to Barbara Caron.

Reporting FAQ


The following webinar was shown live on January 13, 2011. In it, Audrey York, Grant Compliance Coordinator, discusses the following:

  •  Program & Reporting Overview
    • Common acronyms
    • Federal Program
    • NLC Reporting Requirements
  • Monthly Reporting Form
  • Previous Questions & Answers
  • Audience Questions Reporting

Webinar Reporting

PowerPoint Slides


BroadbandUSA Connecting America's Communities

For more information, contact Allana Novotny.