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Tools for Participants

Reporting FAQ

Monthly Reporting Form

Q: Do I complete the form before receiving the new computers?
A: Yes, we need to compare user rates etc. before and after upgrades have occurred.

Q: Which libraries need to complete the form?
A: All 147 library buildings participating in the program must complete the form each month. If your library has multiple branches, only the participating branch will complete the form. If you have multiple participating branches, a separate form must be completed for each.

Q: I have saved the reporting form to my computer. Is there a way for me to print the form without the instructions?
A: Yes, before you send your document to the printer, in the print options box, select to have only the second page printed. The instructions and form are in the same document so that the instructions may be found easily.

Q: I can't find my reporting form. What should I do?
A: The form is available on the NLC website at: Or if you prefer, please call or email Barbara Caron  at 402-471-4006 or 800-307-2665. She can send it to you.

Q: How should I submit additional documentation for my report?
A: You may scan any documentation and email it to Barbara Caron . Alternatively, you may also send documentation via postal mail Barbara Caron, Nebraska Library Commission, The Atrium, 1200 N Street, Suite 120, Lincoln, NE 68508-2023. Please note in the email with your reporting form that you are mailing the documentation via postal mail.

Success Stories

Q: Do I need to gather and report success stories if I haven't received the new computers yet?
Yes, success stories give us a way to show that public computer centers are needed and beneficial to your community.

Q: Do I need to have a success story each month?
No, there may be months in which you do not have a success story to share. Just enter "N/A" in the blank provided for that question if you don't have any stories to report.

Computer Users & Number of Computers

Q: How do I count computer users?
Physical count, sign-in sheet, library card scan, etc. Count a person using a computer, not the time spent at the computer.

Q: I keep a monthly count of users. Do I now need to break this down by week?
Yes, we need data for each week during the reporting month.

Q: Do I report how many hours the computers are in use?
No, you just need to report how many times the computers are used.

Q: Do I count the laptops that people bring into the library? They are using our Internet service.
No, count only the computers owned by the library, regardless of whether or not they use your library's Internet service.

Q: Do I include usage on my computers that are not included in this grant?
Yes, include usage on all public computers in your library that have Internet access.

Q: I have two computers with limited Internet access (databases only) - should I count them?
If the databases accessed are online resources such as those available through NebraskAccess (that are maintained outside of your library), yes, you would count these computers. If the databases are in-house only (such as your library card catalog), no, you would not count them for question 15 (number of computers), but any training sessions conducted on these computers would need to be recorded.

Q: How should I answer question 13 of the monthly reporting form if I have received my computers but they aren't up and running yet?
You would answer "no." Please answer "yes" only if the computers have been installed.


Q: How do I view archived webinars?
All webinars are archived and available on the Nebraska Library Commission website at: Webinars specific to reporting are available at:

Q: Is the PowerPoint presentation from the reporting webinar online?
Yes, the presentation is on the Nebraska Library Commission website at:

Internet Speed

Q: Is there a site where I can check my library's Internet speed?
Yes, there are multiple sites to do this. One of which is

Q: I just checked my computer and found a download speed and an upload speed. What number do I report?
If you know both, please report both. If you do not know both speeds, one is sufficient.

Hours of Operation

Q: Operation hours are more dependent on budget for staff than they are on how many computers we have. Do you expect our hours will change because of this grant program?
A: No, we understand that staffing is slim in many libraries, and we do not expect you to stay open more hours just because you will receive more computers. This question is more relevant to grantees in other states that are creating larger PCCs with funding to hire additional staff. However, we are required to report on this element if we do have an increase in hours.

Q: Do I report training events that occur before getting the new computers?
Yes, report every training event that occurs during the reporting month. This may include an event hosted by your library, one that your staff attends at another location, or a webinar viewed online by staff.

Q: What are some examples of training events?
Basic computer/internet instruction, specific program training (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), sessions presented by partner agencies (Dept. of Labor, Center for Rural Affairs), ADA equipment instruction, webinars, instruction to staff/public on how to use software or websites .

Q: If I am the presenter, should I count my preparation time under training hours?
No, preparation time for the trainer does not count for training hours. The only time to be recorded is for the actual training session in which participants are learning.

Q: If volunteers attend or conduct training sessions, can I count their time?
Yes, a volunteer may conduct a training session or be a participant in a training session.

Q: I have two staff members through the Experience Works program who get computer training twice per month, with a trainer. Am I correct in thinking these training sessions should be reported?
Yes, as long as the material covered is relevant. If you are unsure about a specific training, please contact the NLC and ask.

Q: Do webinar trainings and basic skills classes count as training events?
Yes, as long as the material covered is relevant. If you are unsure about a specific training, please contact the NLC and ask.

Q: Does Nebraska Learns 2.0 count as training?
Yes, as long as the material covered is relevant. If you are unsure about a specific training, please contact the NLC and ask.

Q: What if a staff member is taking an online class that meets once weekly over the course of several months? Would I report time for each relevant month?
Yes, please report only the training time during the reporting month.

Q: Should I count a training in which someone came in to show how to use nooks or kindles by having users view websites to understand how to download?
Yes, it should be reported because learning to use different programs available on the Internet is a relevant topic.

Q: Should I count a training in which an accountant came in to show how to complete tax forms online?
Yes, it should be reported because learning to use different programs available on the Internet is a relevant topic.

Q: Can I count webinars that staff watches on the NLC website?
Yes, as long as the material covered is relevant. If you are unsure about a specific training, please contact the NLC to ask.

Q: If staff is taking online training, does it only count if they are taking it on a public computer?
No, online staff training may be done on any computer, even their home computer.

Q: Please explain the one-on-one training.
One-on-one training should be counted if advertised and scheduled ahead of time. Advertisement may simply be a sign-up sheet at the front desk. Do not count impromptu training when a customer asks for immediate assistance.

Q: Do I count everyone that attends the training?
Count all who attend the training as participants. Do not count the trainer or staff that is just assisting with registration etc.

Q: What kind of documentation should I submit for training events?
Copies of sign-in sheets, registration forms, training advertisements, etc. Enough documentation to show when & where a training event was held, how long it lasted, and how many people attended.

Q: If patrons prefer their privacy to having a signup sheet sent in with their name, how do I report the documentation for the training event?
If privacy is a factor, you may black-out the name or have them sign in using their initials. We do not need actual names; we just need to know how many people attended.

Q: How do I document the number of people targeted?
Email distribution lists, number of flyers posted and mailed, etc. This will probably be an estimate.

More Information

Q: Are updates listed on the website, including FAQs and training?
A: Yes, any information specific to reporting requirements, reporting FAQ, and training that focuses on reporting (such as the January 13th webinar) will be posted on our website at:


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