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Accreditation Program History

2022: An Accreditation Review Committee was convened to do a self-evaluation and review of the program. The major change made to the program was changing the accreditation period from three to five years. Minor changes, updates, and clarifications were made to the guidelines and Community Needs Response Plan process.

2013: The new guidelines were approved at the May 17, 2013 Commission meeting.

2009: During the 2009 NLA/NEMA Annual Conference the Commission sponsored a session at which participants could make comments on the current Accreditation Guidelines. Then we received comments from a web page and several groups across the state added their comments. An Accreditation Review Committee redesigned the guidelines once more. The committee members: Joan Birnie, Francine Canfield, Kendra Caskey, Robin Clark, Brenda Ealey, John Felton, Amy Greenland, Laura Johnson, Pat Leach, Richard Miller, Stan Schulz, and Rod Wagner.

2004: Guidelines were again approved by the Nebraska Library Commissioners May 14, 2004.

1995-96:The 1991 Guidelines for Service were revised in 1995-96. A review committee formed for this purpose prepared the Basic and Advanced Accreditation Guidelines. Accreditation is one of the eligibility requirements for state aid to public libraries and other grant programs available through the Nebraska Library Commission.

1991: In 1989 the guidelines were revised and recorded in a document called Guidelines for Service, published in 1991. The document is intended to assist local public libraries in achieving basic public library service. In order to be an accredited public library, a library had to meet a minimum number of guidelines.

In 1986-87, a committee produced a document called Gearing up for the Twenty-first Century: Guidelines for Excellence, which represented a consensus of the public library community in Nebraska. The guidelines assisted many public libraries to attain or exceed a common level in governance, resources and services. Those guidelines were the basis for the Public Library Accreditation and Public Librarian Certification programs and encouraged local planners to adapt services to local needs and conditions.
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