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Nebraska Library Internet Sites

City Library OPAC Social Networking Sites WiFi
AinsworthAinsworth Public Library   Blog    Wifi Logo
AinsworthEducational Service Unit 17      
AlbionAlbion Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
AllianceAlliance Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
AllianceWestern Nebraska Community College (Alliance)
Alliance Public Library
AlmaHoesch Memorial Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
ArapahoeArapahoe Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
ArnoldFinch Memorial Library      
ArthurArthur County LibraryCatalog  Blog    Wifi Logo
AshlandAshland Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
AtkinsonAtkinson Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
AuburnAuburn Memorial LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
AuburnEducational Service Unit 4      
AuroraAlice M Farr LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
AuroraAurora Public Schools      
AxtellAxtell Public Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
BancroftBancroft Public Library   Blog    Wifi Logo
BartleyBartley Public Library   Blog    Wifi Logo
BassettRock County Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Battle CreekLied Battle Creek Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
BeatriceBeatrice Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook  Facebook    Wifi Logo
BeatriceEducational Service Unit 5      
BeatriceSoutheast Community College-Beatrice Campus
Learning Resource Center
BeemerKarlen Memorial LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
BellevueBellevue Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
BellevueBellevue University
Freeman-Lozier Library
Catalog  Facebook     
BenkelmanDundy County LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
BenningtonBennington Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
BlairArbor Park Intermediate School   Blog     
BlairBlair Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Blue HillBlue Hill Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
BridgeportBridgeport Public LibraryCatalog  Blog    Wifi Logo
BroadwaterBroadwater Public LibraryCatalog  Blog    Wifi Logo
Broken BowBroken Bow Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
BruningBruning Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
CambridgeButler Memorial LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
Cedar RapidsCedar Rapids Public Library     Wifi Logo
Central CityCentral City Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook  Twitter    Wifi Logo
CerescoCeresco Community LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
ChadronChadron Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook  Flickr    Wifi Logo
ChadronChadron State College
Reta E. King Library
ChadronMuseum of the Fur Trade Library      
ChappellChappell Memorial Library & Art Gallery     Wifi Logo
ClarksonClarkson Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Clay CenterClay Center Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
ColumbusCentral Community College (Columbus)Catalog     
ColumbusColumbus Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
ColumbusEducational Service Unit 7      
ColumbusNortheast Library System   Blog  Facebook  LibraryThing     
ColumbusScotus Central Catholic High School      
ColumbusShell Creek Elementary School      
CozadWilson Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
CrawfordCrawford Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
CreightonCreighton Public Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
CreteCrete Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
CreteDoane College Perkins LibraryCatalog     
CulbertsonCulbertson Public Library   Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Dakota CityDakota City Public Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
David CityHruska Memorial Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
DeshlerDeshler Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
DeWittBob and Wauneta Burkley Library Catalog    Wifi Logo
DeWittTri County Public Schools      
DodgeJohn Rogers Memorial LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
DoniphanDoniphan-Trumbull Public Schools   Blog     
ElginElgin Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
ElmwoodElmwood Public Library   Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
ElwoodElwood Public Schools      
EmersonEmerson Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
FairburyFairbury Jr/Sr High School      
FairburyFairbury Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
FairfieldFairfield Public LibraryCatalog  Blog    Wifi Logo
FairmontFairmont Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Falls CityFalls City Library & Arts CenterCatalog    Wifi Logo
FarnamFarnam Public Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
FranklinFranklin Public Library   Blog    Wifi Logo
FremontEducational Service Unit 2      
FremontFremont Middle School   Blog  Twitter     
FremontKeene Memorial LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook  Flickr    Wifi Logo
FremontMidland University Luther LibraryCatalog     
FriendGilbert Public LibraryCatalog  Blog    Wifi Logo
FullertonFullerton Public Library   Blog    Wifi Logo
GenevaGeneva Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
GenoaGenoa Public Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
GeringGering Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
GeringSummit Christian College      
GibbonGibbon Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
GordonGordon City LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
GothenburgGothenburg Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
Grand IslandCentral Community College-Grand Island
Learning Resource Center
Grand IslandGrand Island Public LibraryCatalog  Twitter    Wifi Logo
Grand IslandKnickrehm Elementary School      
Grand IslandWestridge Middle School      
GrantHastings Memorial LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
GreenwoodGreenwood Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
GretnaGretna High School   Facebook     
GretnaGretna Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
HartingtonHartington Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
HastingsCentral Community College-HastingsCatalog     
HastingsEducational Service Unit 9      
HastingsHastings College Perkins LibraryCatalog  Facebook  YouTube     
HastingsHastings Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook  Twitter    Wifi Logo
HastingsHastings Senior High School      
HastingsRepublican Valley Library System   Blog  LibraryThing     
Hay SpringsHay Springs Public Schools      
Hayes CenterHayes Center Public Library   Blog    Wifi Logo
HebronHebron Secrest LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
HildrethHildreth Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
HoldregeEducational Service Unit 11      
HoldregeHoldrege Area Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Delicious  Facebook    Wifi Logo
HooperHooper Public Library   Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
HowellsHowells Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
HumboldtBruun Memorial LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
HumphreyHumphrey Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
HyannisGrant County LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
ImperialLied Imperial Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
IndianolaIndianola Public Library   Blog    Wifi Logo
KearneyEducational Service Unit 10      
KearneyKearney Public Library Catalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
KearneyMeridian Library System   Blog     
KearneyUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney
Calvin T Ryan Library
Catalog  Blog  Facebook  Flickr     
KimballKimball Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
La VistaLa Vista Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
LaurelLaurel Community Learning CenterCatalog    Wifi Logo
LeighLeigh Public Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
LexingtonLexington Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
LincolnAmerican Historical Society of Germans from Russia
LincolnBryan College of Health Sciences Library      
LincolnLincoln City LibrariesCatalog  Blog  Blog  Blog  Blog  Facebook  Facebook  Facebook  Flickr  Flickr  Flickr 
  LibraryThing  MySpace  Twitter  YouTube   
Wifi Logo
LincolnLincoln Public Schools      
LincolnNebraska Library CommissionCatalog  Blog  Twitter  Twitter     
LincolnNebraska State Historical Society
LincolnNebraska State LibraryCatalog     
LincolnNebraska Wesleyan University
Cochrane-Woods Library
LincolnSoutheast Community College-Lincoln
Learning Resource Center
LincolnSoutheast Library SystemCatalog  Facebook     
LincolnUnion College LibraryCatalog  Delicious  Facebook     
LincolnUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln (Law)
Schmid Law Library
Catalog  Facebook  Twitter     
LincolnUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln (Love)
Don L Love Memorial Library
Catalog  Facebook  LibraryThing  Twitter     
LodgepoleNancy Fawcett Memorial Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
LouisvilleLouisville Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Loup CityLoup City Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
LymanLyman Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
LyonsLyons Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
LyonsLyons-Decatur Northeast Schools      
MacyNebraska Indian Community College - Macy
Omaha Tribal Library
MadisonMadison Public Library   Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
McCookMcCook Public LibraryCatalog  Blog    Wifi Logo
McCookMid-Plains Community College - McCookCatalog     
McCookMid-Plains Community College - McCook
von Riesen Library
MeadMead Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Meadow GroveMeadow Grove Public Library   Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
MilfordEducational Service Unit 6      
MilfordSoutheast Community College-Milford
Stanley A Matzke Library-LRC
MilfordWebermeier Memorial LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
MindenJensen Memorial LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
MitchellMitchell Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
MorrillMorrill Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
MullenHooker County Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
Nebraska CityMorton-James Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
NelighEducational Service Unit 8      
NelighNeligh Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Newman GroveNewman Grove Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
NiobraraNebraska Indian Community College - Santee
Santee Campus
NorfolkNorfolk Middle School      
NorfolkNorfolk Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook  Flickr    Wifi Logo
NorfolkNortheast Community CollegeCatalog     
North BendNorth Bend Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook  Flickr    Wifi Logo
North LoupNorth Loup Township Library     Wifi Logo
North PlatteAdams Middle School   Blog  Delicious     
North PlatteMid-Plains Comm College - North Platte
Learning Resource Center
North PlatteNorth Platte High School      
North PlatteNorth Platte Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
OakdaleLois Johnson Memorial Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
OaklandOakland Public LibraryCatalog  Blog    Wifi Logo
Offutt A F BThomas S Power Base LibraryCatalog  Facebook     
OgallalaEducational Service Unit 16      
OgallalaGoodall City LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
OmahaBlackburn High School      
OmahaClarkson College Library   Facebook     
OmahaCollege of Saint Mary LibraryCatalog     
OmahaCreighton Preparatory High School LibraryCatalog     
OmahaCreighton University
Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library
Catalog  Flickr     
OmahaCreighton University Medical Center
Health Sciences Library
OmahaCreighton University School of Law
Klutznick Law Library
OmahaDouglas County Historical Society      
OmahaEarly Childhood Training Center
OmahaEastern Library System   Blog     
OmahaEducational Service Unit 19      
OmahaEducational Service Unit 3      
OmahaGrace Abbott Elementary School      
OmahaGrace University Grewcock LibraryCatalog  Facebook     
OmahaKing Science and Technology Magnet   Blog  Twitter     
OmahaKripke Jewish Federation LibraryCatalog     
OmahaKutak Rock Law Library      
OmahaLewis & Clark Middle School   Twitter     
OmahaMarian High School      
OmahaMetropolitan Comm College-Elkhorn
Elkhorn Valley Campus Library
OmahaMetropolitan Comm College-South
South Omaha Campus
OmahaMetropolitan Community College-Ft OmahaCatalog     
OmahaMillard Central Middle School      
OmahaNebraska Methodist College
John Moritz Library
OmahaOmaha Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook  Flickr  MySpace  Twitter    Wifi Logo
OmahaOmaha Public SchoolsCatalog     
OmahaThe Durham Museum
Adah & Leon Millard Foundation Library
OmahaUniversity of Nebraska at Omaha
Criss Library
Catalog  Flickr  YouTube     
OmahaUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center
McGoogan Library of Medicine
Catalog  Blog  Facebook  Twitter  YouTube     
O'NeillO'Neill Public Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
OrchardOrchard Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
OrdOrd Township LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
OrleansCordelia B Preston Memorial Library   Blog    Wifi Logo
OsceolaOsceola Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
OshkoshOshkosh Public LibraryCatalog  Blog    Wifi Logo
OsmondOsmond Public Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
PalisadePalisade Public Library     Wifi Logo
PalmyraPalmyra Memorial Library   Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
PapillionBell Elementary School   Facebook     
PapillionNebraska Christian College
Loren T. and Melva M. Swedburg Library
PapillionPapillion-La Vista High School      
PapillionSump Memorial LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Pawnee CityPawnee City Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
PaxtonPaxton Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
PenderHouse Memorial Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
PeruPeru State College LibraryCatalog     
PierceLied Pierce Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
PiercePierce High School      
PilgerPilger Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook  YouTube    Wifi Logo
PlainviewPlainview Carnegie LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
PlattsmouthPlattsmouth Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
PolkPolk Public Library   Blog    Wifi Logo
PoncaPonca Carnegie LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
RalstonBaright Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
RandolphLied Randolph Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
RavennaRavenna Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Red CloudAuld Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Red CloudWilla Cather Foundation      
RushvilleRushville Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
Saint EdwardSaint Edward Public Library     Wifi Logo
Saint PaulSaint Paul Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
SargentSargent Township LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook  LibraryThing    Wifi Logo
SchuylerSchuyler Middle School      
SchuylerSchuyler Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook  Flickr    Wifi Logo
ScotiaCentral Valley Public Schools - Scotia      
ScottsbluffEducational Service Unit 13      
ScottsbluffLied Scottsbluff Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
ScottsbluffPanhandle Library SystemCatalog  Blog     
ScottsbluffRegional West Medical Center
Resource Library
ScottsbluffWest Nebraska Family Research & History CenterCatalog     
ScottsbluffWestern Nebraska Community College (Scottsbluff)
ScribnerScribner Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook  Flickr    Wifi Logo
SewardConcordia University Link LibraryCatalog  Facebook     
SewardSeward Memorial LibraryCatalog  Facebook  Flickr  MySpace  Twitter  YouTube    Wifi Logo
ShelbyShelby Community LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
SheltonShelton Township LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
SidneyEducational Service Unit 13 - Sidney Office      
SidneySidney Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook  Twitter    Wifi Logo
SidneyWestern Nebraska Community College (Sidney)
Library-Learning Resource Center
SnyderSnyder Public Library     Wifi Logo
South Sioux CitySouth Sioux City Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Delicious  Facebook  LibraryThing  Twitter    Wifi Logo
SpaldingSpalding Public Library   Blog  Facebook     
SpringfieldSpringfield Memorial LibraryCatalog  Facebook  Twitter    Wifi Logo
StantonStanton Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
StromsburgStromsburg Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
SuperiorSuperior Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
SuttonSutton Memorial Library   Blog    Wifi Logo
SyracuseSyracuse Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
TecumsehTecumseh Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
TekamahLied Tekamah Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
ThedfordThomas County Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
TildenRaymond A Whitwer Tilden Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Twitter    Wifi Logo
TrentonEducational Service Unit 15      
TrentonTrenton Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
UlyssesUlysses Township Library   MySpace    Wifi Logo
ValentineValentine Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
ValleyValley Public Library   Blog    Wifi Logo
ValparaisoValparaiso Public LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
VerdigreVerdigre Public Library     Wifi Logo
WahooWahoo Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
WahooWahoo Public Schools      
WakefieldEducational Service Unit 1      
WakefieldGardner Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
WalthillWalthill Public Library   Facebook    Wifi Logo
WaterlooAgnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library     Wifi Logo
WaunetaWauneta Public Library     Wifi Logo
WausaLied Lincoln Township Library   Blog  Facebook     
WayneWayne Community Schools      
WayneWayne Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
WayneWayne State College Conn LibraryCatalog     
Weeping WaterWeeping Water Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo
West PointJohn A Stahl LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
WilberDvoracek Memorial Library     Wifi Logo
WinnebagoLittle Priest Tribal College &
Winnebago Public Library
Catalog  Flickr     
WisnerWisner-Pilger Elementary School      
WisnerWisner-Pilger High School      
WymoreWymore Public LibraryCatalog    Wifi Logo
YorkKilgore Memorial LibraryCatalog  Blog  Facebook  Flickr    Wifi Logo
YorkYork College
Levitt Library Learning Center
YorkYork High School      
YutanYutan Public LibraryCatalog  Facebook    Wifi Logo