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Vision Statement for Nebraska Libraries 2003

The following Vision for Nebraska Libraries was created by the participants of the Second Nebraska Library Leadership Institute, 2003, Schuyler, Nebraska. It was adopted by the Nebraska Library Commissioners on August 2003.

To reinforce that Nebraska libraries are the credible first choice for information ...

  • We cultivated knowledgeable, courteous, and passionate staff. We provide individual and collective professional growth opportunities to encourage staff to challenge themselves and each other.
  • We are the vital and central hubs of our communities. We foster partnerships that commit us to civic involvement.
  • We build collaborative relationships with businesses, organizations, and each other to complement our respective strengths. We seek out creative avenues of funding through these relationships.
  • We provide innovative, inviting, and exciting environments and resources, both physical and digital, while exploring further cost efficiency.
  • We facilitate lifelong learning so that curious minds will find fulfillment.
  • We serve all patrons fairly and equally without judgment. We celebrate the diversity of our patrons and their individual information needs.
  • Our customers drive everything we do.

For more information, contact Mary Jo Ryan.