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Vision Statement for Nebraska Libraries 2005

The following Vision for Nebraska Libraries was created by the participants of the Nebraska Library Leadership Institute, 2005, Schuyler, Nebraska.

Nebraska Libraries…

  • Uphold freedom of access to all information for all persons.
  • Provide, in a positive timely manner, services that meet the changing needs of all members of our diverse communities, creating a dynamic hub for enhancing lifelong learning and optimal connections to the global community.
  • Tirelessly advocate for persons of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities by providing an environment conducive to learning, research, collaboration, study and recreation.
  • Provide awe-inspiring spaces, sanctuaries for the written and spoken word.
  • Bridge the digital divide by providing innovative user-friendly technology, allowing for seamless, equitable access.
  • Secure funding from all possible sources to ensure optimal access and delivery of information.
  • Serve as the driving force that collaborates with entities at all levels to provide quality services and information to all.
  • Create and support opportunities for professional growth.
  • Speak with a collective voice that tirelessly advocates for our profession in all political arenas.
  • Pursue the library of the future now.

For more information, contact Mary Jo Ryan.