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Vision Statement for Nebraska Libraries 2013

The following Vision for Nebraska Libraries was created by the participants of the Nebraska Library Leadership Institute (NLLI), 2013, Schuyler, Nebraska.

As leaders in librarianship,
we open eyes
to open minds
with open hearts
through open doors - wherever they may be.

We commit ourselves to bravely craft the future of libraries:
We cultivate curiosity from age 1 to 101.
We champion freedoms to learn, to read, and to share.
We construct physical and virtual portals to premier
sources of information.

We meet patrons at any place and any stage of life.


NLLI graduates strive for personal and professional growth, expand the library beyond its walls by collaborating with community organizations, transform individuals into informed, active citizens by providing essential tools and relevant information, and shape and ensure a sustainable, innovative future for our libraries, our communities, and our world.

For more information, contact Mary Jo Ryan.