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READ Poster Guidelines

The Nebraska Library Commission, in partnership with the Regional Library Systems, is experimenting with a pilot project to encourage Nebraska librarians to create unique local promotional materials. For a limited number of Nebraska libraries and school media centers, we will use the ALA READ software to convert your photographs into files that you can have printed as posters and other promotional items. These files will be produced on a first come- first served basis-turnaround time is expected to be several weeks.

If you are interested in taking photographs for us to produce into files that you can use to create local READ posters, please follow the photography guidelines and licensing considerations below. We suggest that you take photographs of your customers, library boards, and local celebrities to be made into READ promotional materials. You can also take photos of staff, but photos of community members make fantastic READ posters.

For more information, see the American Library Association (ALA) Web site,, (click on Products and Publications, click on Make your own READ posters) or contact Mary Jo Ryan, 402-471-3434, 800-307-2665, email.

Photography Guidelines

  • Digital photographs should be mailed to Mary Jo Ryan, Nebraska Library Commission, The Atrium, 1200 N St., Suite 120, Lincoln NE 68508-2023 on a cd-please do not e-mail photos.
  • Digital photographs must be 300 dpi or larger-save as high resolution or raw files.
  • Include the name of school or library in the file name of each photograph.
  • Shoot far enough away from the subject so that the subject does not fill the entire frame.
  • Shoot the subject's head no larger than ½ the frame size.
  • Shoot the photos vertically (portrait), not horizontally (landscape).
  • Take several shots of each subject. We will select the one the works best.
  • Make sure the subject holds the book so the title can be read. Avoid shiny book covers-glare obscures the title.
  • There are two options for READ posters. They can be made using the background in your photo or the ALA background files can be inserted behind your photo subject. See below for background details.

Background Details

If your preference is to insert one of the ALA background files behind your photo subject, please set up the photograph as follows:

  • Shoot the subject in front of a solid color, not brick or textured.
  • Shoot the subject in good lighting, with as few shadows as possible.
  • Make sure the face is as clear as possible.
  • Contrast the background with the subjects' clothing as much as possible.

If your preference is to use the background that shows up in your photograph, try to avoid a cluttered background and match the background to the interests of the individual or the content of the book they have chosen.

Licensing Considerations

Since the word READ is a registered trademark of the American Library Association, the Nebraska Library Commission was required to purchase this software in order to make READ poster files from your photographs. We are not allowed to share the software with you.

In addition the Licensing Agreement specifies:
The images and layouts are for use only by registered non-profit purchasers only to enhance reading programs and to promote them. The images may not be incorporated in products offered for sale. An image(s) may not be incorporated in a product for the purpose of redistributing the image(s), and the images themselves may not be sold or rented, or downloaded or transferred electronically such as on an electronic network or bulletin board. Pornographic or defamatory use of the images is prohibited.

This project was supported in part by the United States Institute of Museum and Library Services, under the provision of the Library Services and Technology Act, and/or state funding appropriated by the Nebraska legislature, granted and administered by the Nebraska Library Commission.

For more information, contact Mary Jo Ryan.