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In March 2008, after months of planning, the Nebraska Library Commission, in conjunction with 25 Nebraska libraries (referred to collectively as the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Group), launched a shared collection of digital audiobooks through the OverDrive/Digital Library Reserve system. The intent of this Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Group is to make the OverDrive service affordable to libraries that might not otherwise be able to afford it, through cost-sharing between members and financial support from the Nebraska Library Commission. Starting in FY2014, the Nebraska Legislature approved state aid funds for the Nebraska eReads program, providing support for the purchase of additional downloadable materials by Nebraska libraries.


OverDrive Digital Library Reserve is a web-based digital media platform that enables library patrons to download popular digital audiobooks and eBooks from a customized library website. eBooks and audiobooks can be checked out and downloaded to all major computers, tablets, and smartphones, and are automatically returned to the collection when the checkout time expires. The library does not need to purchase any additional equipment to provide this remote service to patrons.   

 Libraries participating in the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Group currently have access to a shared and growing collection of digital downloadable audiobooks and eBooks.  Access is provided through a customized Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Website created by OverDrive.

To learn more, see:

Note: Due to restrictions related to digital rights management, OverDrive audiobooks and eBooks are not intended to be downloaded to library computers. Patrons using reading/listening devices that require them to initially download content to a computer should identify a non-library computer (e.g. at home, at work or at a friend or family-member's house) that they can use for this step in the process . Please call Susan or Devra  if you have questions about this restriction!


OverDrive works with many common integrated library systems (e.g., SIRSI, DYNIX, III, CARL, Polaris, Apollo, etc.) to authenticate patrons to download digital content from OverDrive.  Libraries with these systems will provide information to OverDrive that OverDrive will then use to set up authentication for the libraries' patrons.

The Nebraska Library Commission has agreed to host remote authentication on behalf of libraries running smaller systems, which won't communicate directly with OverDrive. This will eliminate the need for these libraries to purchase and set up their own proxy servers.


Annual Participation Fee: Each library participating in the group pays an annual participation fee that goes toward purchasing OverDrive content.

  • 2020/2021 Annual Participation Fee for NEW Participants - Participation fees for NEW participants joining AT THE BEGINNING of the 2020/2021 term will be calculated using the following formula:

    • $0.13 per population served (using legal service area population), with a minimum cost of $500. (This means that libraries with a legal service area population of 3,846 or less will pay the minimum participation fee of $500.)

  • 2020/2021 Annual Participation Fee for RENEWING Participants - Participation fees for libraries that paid a Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Group participation fee for the 2019/2020year will be calculated using the following formula:

    • $0.10 per population served (using legal service area population), with a minimum cost of $500. (This means that libraries with a legal service area population of 5,000 or less will pay the minimum participation fee of $500.) These libraries have the option of contributing additional funds.

Annual Maintenance Fee: The Nebraska Library Commission will continue to pay the annual maintenance fee, which was originally $12,000 but is now increasing annually.

Membership Requirements:

New members must be Nebraska public libraries, legally-established under Nebraska State Statutes, Chapters 51 or 16, serving populations of less than 100,000. They must also meet these additional criteria.

Group Participation Term:

October 1 through September 30.

Libraries may join mid-term; however, participation fees will not be prorated for libraries joining mid-term.


August 1 if you are interested in access by October 1, the first day or the new participation year. 

To Place an Order:

Please contact Susan Knisely to request an Overdrive Participation Form and an OverDrive Purchase Agreement. These two documents must be printed out, signed, and returned to: Susan Knisely, Nebraska Library Commission, 1200 N Street, Suite 120, Lincoln, NE 68508-2023.  If you prefer you may fax these documents to Susan Knisely at 402-471-2083. 

Please feel free to email Devra Dragos or Susan Knisely if you are interested in participating in this group and have additional questions.


Trials are not available but you can view recorded training sessions through the OverDrive Staff Training Library.

Tech Support:


Participating libraries will be required to sign an Overdrive Participation Form.


Visit the OverDrive Corporate Website

For more information, contact Databases.