Newsletter of the Nebraska Library Commission
Talking Book and Braille Service
February 1999

Readers Respond to Survey About Newsletter

According to responses from our latest survey, Interchange newsletter is more than just a pretty face. It is a publication that is actually being read and found useful by the majority of survey respondents. With changes in our newsletter's format and contents beginning with the June 1998 edition, we also wanted to find out if our "new and improved" Interchange better suited the needs of readers.

Sixty percent of respondents indicated they always read our newsletter. Another thirty-four percent frequently or sometimes read it. Only six percent rarely or never read Interchange.

Fifty-six percent of respondents indicated they read all of our newsletter. Among respondents who did not read all of Interchange, book descriptions were cited as popular by twenty-nine percent. Front page stories, other features, "Staff Profiles" and "For Your Information" were cited less often.

Sixty-three percent of respondents indicated that our new look and contents have not changed their Interchange readings habits. However, thirty-four percent now read the newsletter more frequently or read more of the articles and features.

Seventy percent of respondents indicated they found our newsletter to be always or frequently useful in their effective use of talking book service. Another twenty-six percent found it sometimes useful.

When asked how Interchange could better meet respondents' needs, thirty-nine percent asked for "more help in ordering the kinds of books I want." Thirty-two percent cited "more helpful hints;" twenty-one percent wanted more library news; and fourteen percent asked for more help in using cassette players.

Thank you to everyone who has responded to our surveys.

Nebraska Cassette Books Collection Features These New Titles

Books of Nebraska

NE 732 Nebraska Off the Beaten Path
by Hannah McNally
2 cassettes
This informal travel guide emphasizes little-known, off-the-beaten-path places and a few more famous attractions that should not be missed. Also includes restaurants which offer great food with local flavor. Narrated by Dennis Lorance.

Detective & Mystery

NE 764 The Missing Chums
by Franklin W. Dixon
2 cassettes
Frank and Joe Hardy piece together a number of baffling clues —a strange craft tries to ram their boat and two of their best friends disappear from a masquerade party. For grades 4 - 7. Narrated by Burt Blackwell. Produced by NLS.

NE 765 Hunting for Hidden Gold
by Franklin W. Dixon
2 cassettes
Timber wolves, a Rocky Mountain blizzard and a mine cave-in are only a few of the dangers the Hardy boys encounter in their search for the notorious gang that pulled a payroll robbery. For grades 4 - 7. Narrated by Jim Walton. Produced by NLS.

NE 770 Secret Warning
by Franklin W. Dixon
2 cassettes
An unsigned warning from Egypt and the ghost of a blood thirsty pirate lead the Hardy boys to an ancient treasure. For grades 4 - 7. Narrated by Jeffrey Jones. Produced by NLS.

NE 771 The Twisted Claw
by Franklin W. Dixon
2 cassettes
The Hardy boys chase after a self-styled pirate king and find themselves imprisoned in a Caribbean island stronghold. For grades 4 - 7. Narrated by George Patterson. Produced by NLS.

NE 772 The Disappearing Floor
by Franklin W. Dixon
2 cassettes
A disappearing floor, a savage-looking hound, a galloping ghost, and a startling invention challenge the Hardy boys in solving two simultaneous mysteries. For grades 4 - 7. Narrated by John Stratton. Produced by NLS.

NE 773 The Clue of the Broken Blade
by Franklin W. Dixon
2 cassettes
The Hardy boys attempt to help their fencing teacher find the long-lost sword on which their wealthy grandfather etched his will. For grades 4 - 7. Narrated by John Richardson. Produced by NLS.

Radio Dramas

NE 762 The Cask of Amontillado
by Edgar Allen Poe
1 cassette
A dramatized version of Poe's classic story of terror and revenge set in Florence, Italy, two centuries ago. Recorded by the Blue Ridge Radio Players.

NE 750 Animal Stories
by Thrice Told Storytellers
1 cassette
Animal folk tales taken from African and African-American oral traditions. Primarily intended for younger audiences. Recorded by the Blue Ridge Radio Players.

For Your Information

THE TALKING BOOK AND BRAILLE SERVICE is closed on Federal and State holidays. Upcoming holidays are Arbor Day_Friday, April 30, and Memorial Day_May 31. On holidays, weekends, and after business hours, you may leave messages on our telephone answering machine or on e-mail. These messages are received the morning of the next business day.

THE TRAVEL MAGAZINE is a quarterly publication in braille and on standard two-track cassette. The magazine brings the world of travel periodicals to those unable to access printed material. Subscriptions are $32.95 annually. For a sample copy, please send $1 for cassette or $5 for braille to: The Travel Magazine, P.O. Box 24236, Cincinnati, OH 45224.

MANY THANKS TO EACH OF YOU who invest the time and energy to rewind your cassette books and magazines and return them in the correct containers.

A NEW INTERNET SERVICE offered by Purdue University is making it easier for students with blindness or other visual impairments to study math and science. The material, mostly charts and diagrams that illustrate mathematical formulas or biological and chemical phenomena, include text in large type or Braille. For more information, visit the web site, http://www.taevisonline.purdue.edu or phone 765-496-2856.

DO WE HAVE YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS and correct telephone number? If you have changed your permanent address, or if you are currently at a temporary (perhaps seasonal) address, you will receive books more promptly direct from the library rather than forwarded from another address by the Postal Service. We can send books directly to you at an alternative address for a few months or weeks. Just call let us know when you would like to begin receiving books at each address.

Order Listing

New Books in the NE Collection
To order the items described in this issue: email; call, 800-742-7691; or write, Nebraska Library Commission Talking Book and Braille Service, 1200 N Street, Suite 120, Lincoln, NE 68508-2023. Be sure to include your name, address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number in all correspondence.

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