Newsletter of the Nebraska Library Commission
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November 2004                            Vol. 28 No. 6

Big Red Report Covers the Scope of University of Nebraska Athletics

Big Red Report, a new magazine dedicated to the University of Nebraska athletics, is now being recorded in the studios of the Nebraska Library Commission Talking Book and Braille Service. With an emphasis on football, the magazine, published ten times a year, will attempt to cover the wide-range of sports that are part of the university's athletic program. 

This magazine takes the place of Huskers Illustrated Football Yearbook. If you are singed up to receive the Yearbook or Sports Illustrated, you will receive this magazine automatically. 

To request the Big Red Report, please contact your Readers Advisor.

Magazines for Seniors and Those Who Love to Travel

If you like to read about other parts of the United States, you might enjoy Arizona Highways, a monthly guide to that state's greatest attractions. Produced by the Arizona Regional Library, this magazine is filled with useful information about state and national parks, Indian ruins, nature hikes, beautiful drives, and much more. 

Southern Living, a monthly magazine recorded by the Florida Regional Library, focuses on the southern style of life, including gardening, history, travel, and recipes. Another magazine, Yankee, recorded monthly by the Massachusetts Regional Library, offers travel destinations, local events, and history of the New England states. 

Life Lines, published bimonthly by the Lincoln Area Agency on Aging and recorded in our own studios, features general topics, programs, issues, and activities concerning the older population. 

Published by the American Association of Retired Persons and recorded by the Arizona Regional Library, Modern Maturity is another bimonthly that features short articles of interest to persons over 50. Topics include travel, cooking, economics, second careers, and health. 

Older Nebraskan's Voice is published quarterly by the Nebraska Health and Human Services System, Aging Services, and recorded in our own studios. This publication offers health news, legislative reviews, and personal profiles. 

If you are interested in research in the field of visual impairment, you might like the Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness. This journal is published and recorded ten times a year by the American Foundation for the Blind. 

To order any of these cassette magazines, please call your Readers Advisor.

Volunteer Profile--Janet Remmenga

When Janet Remmenga retired after a twenty-year career as a staff supervisor with Lincoln City Libraries, she decided to become one of our volunteer narrators. Janet, who loves to read, knows what talking books mean to friends of hers who are blind. A volunteer since September 2003, Janet has used her voice to record Reminisce, Reminisce Extra, Nebraska Farmer, Cappers, Midwest Living, Nebraska History, Nebraskaland, Report on Disability Programs, and Life Lines

The latest book Janet has read is the mystery novel Callander Square, by Anne Perry (RC 42282). Her favorite book is Gift from the Sea, by Anne Lindbergh (RC 10428). She has eleven grandchildren as well as Molly, her black miniature poodle. Some of her favorite pastimes are quilting and cross-stitching.  

Janet's favorite food is ice cream. Her favorite Web site is Lincoln City Libraries: www.lcl.lib.ne.us.

Helpful Hint...

Question: What are the different ways I can order my books?

You can order via the telephone, fax, e-mail, online, or regular mail. Our phone numbers are 402-471-4038 or toll-free: 1-800-742-7691. Our fax number is: 402-471-6244. Or email. Please indicate if you want us to send the books right away or to add them to your request list. 

Several of our online catalogs feature built-in order forms. These catalogs can be found at nlc.nebraska.gov/tbbs/tbbscatalogs.html. Follow the instructions at the beginning of the order forms section and your requests will be sent via e-mail automatically to us.

New Cassette Books


RC 933 All His Best: The Eric Crouch Story
by the Lincoln Journal Star
1 cassette

Photographers and writers for the Lincoln Journal Star chronicle the high school and college football career of Husker quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch. Narrated by Marjory Gloe.

RC 942 Platte Valley Chronicles: Tales from Nebraska's Pioneer Trails
by Robert N. Manley
2 cassettes

Based on excerpts from pioneer diaries, this book tells the stories of those who were traveling through Nebraska on the California, Oregon, and Mormon Trails. The author focuses on the experiences of overlanders while they were following the north and south segments of the Platte River trails in what is now Hall County, Nebraska. Narrated by Alice Timm.

RC 947 Out of the Ashes--A Story of a Lifetime: Memories and Antecedents Selected from Diaries and Other Records Compiled During My 33 years with the Fire Service
by J. C. Mitera
2 cassettes

Using his own diaries and other documentation begun in 1970, the retired fire chief of the Hastings Fire Department describes his service within three Nebraska fire departments: Columbus, Lincoln, and Hastings. This book relates emergency, education, and station-house experiences during Chief Mitera's thirty-three-year career. Narrated by Frances Buell.


RC 923 The Trials of the Westward Trail
by Dale Janda
2 cassettes

Dan Lindeen and his bride plan on taking six freight wagons, each hitched with six mules, over the trail to California. Dan is too injured to travel, and he and his bride have a falling out. Leaving him behind, she travels on without him. Trials along the trail include dissention, Indian attacks, and separation from the train. Dan and his bride are reconciled at last. Narrated by Mark Janda. Sequel to The Back-up Girl (RC 723). Contains strong language.

Celebrating Autumn with Great Books

October marks the middle of autumn-Nebraska's most colorful season when harvest is well underway, and the leaves have turned to gold. Here are some wonderful books for this special time of the year:

RC 38758 The Moon of the Deer, by Jean Craighead George

A young, white-tailed spiked buck who lives in the Mamacoke Marsh of Connecticut meets the challenges of fall. These include the territorial challenge of older male deer as the mating season approaches, the challenge to eat a rich diet to prepare for the winter, and the challenge of weathering a hurricane. For grades 3-6 and older readers.

RC 40005 Farewell to Fairacre, by Miss Read

It is September and time for another school term to begin for Miss Read. She has been feeling poorly lately, and is finally persuaded to see her doctor, from whom she learns she has had a small stroke. But life goes on in Fairacre. As Miss Read continues to teach, she thinks about retiring, contends with the idiosyncrasies of the locals, and even considers a marriage proposal.

RC 42812 Possum's Harvest Moon, by Ann Hunter

Possum awakes one autumn evening to discover a beautiful harvest moon. He invites his meadow friends-the mice, crickets, frogs, fireflies, and Raccoon-to help celebrate this special time of the year before the arrival of winter. For grades K-3.

RC 45163 Dancing at the Harvest Moon, by K.C. McKinnon

A recently divorced English professor, Maggie, impulsively decides to revisit the summer resort where she met her first love. There, her passion is rekindled by the son of her former lover. She debates whether to let her heart or her mind determine her future. Some descriptions of sex. Bestseller.

RC 45992 Shiloh Autumn, by Bodie and Brock Thoene

To the Tuckers and other cotton farmers of Shiloh, Arkansas, the 1929 stock market crash was a remote event that seemed unrelated to their way of life. Then the cotton market collapses in 1931, causing the Tuckers to lose their farm and brave an arduous trek in search of a new life in California.

RC 50647 Damascus: a Novel, by Richard Beard

The lives of warehouse worker Spencer Kelly and teacher Hazel Burns were destined to intersect. On their common birthday, November 1, 1993, they court, mate, and face a common threat when a crazed student, who is obsessed with Hazel, challenges Spencer for her hand.
RC 51608 All Roads Lead to October: Boss Steinbrenner's 25-year Reign over the New York Yankees, by Maury Allen

Sports writer reminisces about New York Yankee baseball under the ownership of Cleveland industrialist George Steinbrenner. Includes anecdotes of notable players such as Reggie Jackson, Donnie Mattingly, and Darryl Strawberry, as well as managers Joe Torre and Billy Martin, who was fired five times. Some strong language.

RC 54444 Firehouse, by David Halberstam

Account of the New York City firefighters from Engine 40, Ladder 35, who responded to the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Of the thirteen men on duty only one survives. Bestseller.

RC 54893 Rites of Autumn: The Story of College Football by Richard Wittingham

Based on an ESPN television documentary. Traces the evolution of the sport, describing its legendary players and coaches who dominated college football through the decades. Also chronicles traditional team rivalries and the greatest football games ever played. Foreword by Roger Staubach.

RC 55549 Heart of a Soldier: A Story of Love, Heroism, and September 11, by James B. Stewart

Pulitzer Prize-winning author relates the life of Rick Rescorla, security director of Morgan Stanley at New York's World Trade Center, who helped rescue thousands during the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack before losing his life. His wife, Susan, army comrade Dan Hill, and his coworkers pay tribute to his courage. Strong language.

 More "Golden Oldies' From Our Nebraska Collection

Here is the fourth installment of cassette books recorded in our own studios. Though they were recorded years ago, they are still wonderful to read. To order, please check the box next to the RC number and mail this page to the Talking Book and Braille Service; or contact your Readers Advisor. 


Order Form and Ordering Instructions

You may place your order by mailing or e-mailing it to the Talking Book and Braille Service, or by calling your Readers Advisor.

For mailing, please mark the magazines and books you wish to order and enclose this page in an envelope. Instead of using a stamp, you may put "Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped" on the corner of your envelope. Send your request to the Nebraska Library Commission Talking Book and Braille Service, 1200 N Street, Suite 120, Lincoln, NE 68508-2023. Be sure to include your name, address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number.

For e-mailing, send your order information to the Talking Book and Braille Service. Please include your name, address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number.

You may reach a Readers Advisor toll free by calling 1-800-742-7691. Be prepared to give your name, address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number.

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