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November '98 Vol.12 No.12 ISSN 0895-0806 phone: 402-471-2045, 800-307-2665
Timely information from the Nebraska Library Commission

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Kit Keller received the John G. Lorenz Award from the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. The John G. Lorenz Award is presented for "timely and accurate submission of state library agency data" as part of national library statistical data collection.

On November 13, Chris Hansen, Senior Staff Attorney at the national American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) office and lead counsel on the landmark Internet censorship case, ACLU v. Reno, will speak at the Nebraska Library Commission in Lincoln from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. about Internet censorship issues facing public libraries. All library staff and board members are invited. Focusing on two recent court cases in which public libraries are the focus of Internet censorship issues, he will suggest existing and working alternatives to filtering. That evening Hansen will speak at the annual ACLU Nebraska's 1998 Bill of Rights Dinner. For more information, contact Andrea Collins, ACLU Nebraska office, 402-476-8091, e-mail:, or see

Funding commitment letters will be mailed to E-Rate program applicants to receive discounts on telecommunications services to schools and libraries. The first funding year begins on your service start date (28 days after filing Form 470), and ends on June 30, 1999. Thereafter, the funding years will begin on July 1 and end on June 30 of each year. Two forms come with the funding commitment letter: Form 486 and Form 472, Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement (BEAR) Form. Form 486 alerts the Schools and Libraries Corporation (SLC) that your telecommunications services are flowing, and the Form 472, BEAR, allows you to request reimbursement from SLC via your service provider for approved discounts on services you have already paid for in full. DO NOT send any forms to the Schools and Libraries Corporation until you receive the funding commitment letter. Form 486 and 472 are available on the SLC Web site, The information needed to complete both forms appears on the funding commitment letter. Contact your service provider for each service for which you have requested discounts. Encourage the service provider to view the information available on the SLC Web site, especially the forms that the service provider must complete and file before discounts can be applied to the library telecommunications services. Service provider representatives may have changed, so don't rely on previous contacts. More information about the next funding year will appear in this newsletter and on the SLC Web site. For questions, contact Ellen Van Waart at the Library Commission, 402-471-4004 or 800-307-2665.

The Nebraska Library Association (NLA) Trustees, Users and Friends Section; NLA Legislative Committee; Nebraska Library Commission; and Nebraska's Regional Library Systems announce a statewide Advocacy Plan to build active support for public libraries throughout the state. The plan, approved by the Libraries for the Future and Friends of Libraries U.S.A., defines community in the broadest sense to include all Nebraska libraries that responded to an assessment of local economic and social trends that affect support for libraries. For more information, see the Library Commission home page, /, search on Community Library Advocacy.

Library grants worth $226,635 to fund library technology projects to improve public access to electronic information through Nebraska libraries have been awarded. The funds, made available through the federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), allocated by Congress and distributed to states annually, address LSTA goals according to each state's long range plan. Public libraries in 22 Nebraska communities will receive funding to improve information technology services and/or improve information access for underserved populations through the Library Commission. For more information, see the Commission home page, /, search on Supports Information Technology.

Books in Print with Reviews will be offered to all librarians in the state of Nebraska at no cost to the individual library. Starting November 1, Nebraska becomes the first state in the nation to offer statewide access to the most complete database of books available in print. For more information, see the Library Commission home page, /, search on Books in Print with Reviews Statewide.

The Nebraska Library Commission announces that grants are available for special projects in the area of children's services. Written grants must be submitted to the Library Commission no later than February 1, 1999. To receive a packet with guidelines, explanations of the target areas, criteria for award and an application form, contact Mary Jackson, 402-471-4006 or 800-307-2665 or Sally Snyder, 402-471-4003 or 800-307-2665, e-mail: Sally Snyder . For more information, see the Library Commission home page. For more information, see the Library Commission home page, /, search on Children's Grants for Excellence.

The Library Commission announces the introduction of Web-based Mini-courses as an opportunity to educate librarians for the 21st Century. The first mini-course, "The Internet and Intellectual Freedom," provides valuable information about a topic that librarians must address in all types of libraries. The mini-course will provide two Continuing Education hours toward Public Librarian Certification. Look at the course and send feedback to Ellen Van Waart, Continuing Education Coordinator at the Library Commission, 402-471-4004 or 800-307-2665. See the Commission home page, /, search on Internet Intellectual Freedom.

The "Nebraska Library Commission Copyright Handbook, A Guide for Nebraska Libraries," is now online in HTML format. The Handbook is a summary of the copyright law and guidelines according to the best understanding of the Library Commission. It is not intended, in any way, to be legal advice. This version is searchable for your specific copyright concerns. See the Commission home page, /, search on Copyright Handbook. For more information contact Ellen Van Waart, (see previous).

The order forms and manuals for the 1999 Summer Reading Program are being distributed early this year. The deadline for ordering is December 1. All public libraries will receive one free manual. School librarians that request a manual will receive it without charge. School librarians may request a manual by contacting Mary Jackson or Doreen Kuhlmann, 402-471-4007 or 800-307-2665.

Remember to check the Nebraska Library Commission's Year 2000 Web page frequently for updated information and links, /libdev/year2000.html.

National Children's Book Week is November 16-22 and the theme is "Books Go Everywhere." This year, the Children's Book Council offers a Book Week Kit for $30 plus $3.50 shipping from Children's Book Council, Order Department, 569 Broadway, Suite 404, New York, NY 10012, 800-999-2160 or fax 212-996-2073. Web site:

If you do not have access to the Internet World Wide Web, contact Mary Geibel, 402-471-2045 or 800-307-2665, e-mail: Mary Geibel for print information about the previous announcements.

Preparation of this newsletter was supported in part by funds allocated through the Library Services and Technology Act administered by the United States Institute of Museum and Library Services.

lightbulb [Continuing Education & Training]

Year 2000 Conference

November 17, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Interstate Holiday Inn, I-80 and Highway 281, Grand Island.
Contact: Scott Pettit, Director of Continuing Education for the AIM Institute, 402-345-5025, ext. 105.

The year 2000 computer glitch, the Y2K problem, the millennium bug...You've probably heard one or more of these references to the approaching problem that will affect businesses and organizations around the world. The problem is not just a computer problem. It is a business issue that will impact every business or organization. The Applied Information Management (AIM) Institute, in cooperation with the Nebraska Coalition for Millennium Compliance, the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the State of Nebraska, the Nebraska Public Power District, the League of Nebraska Municipalities, and the Nebraska Association of County Officials, is sponsoring a one-day seminar focused on Y2K updates and solutions. The registration fee of $35 includes a buffet luncheon and all seminar sessions and materials. Registrations (checks payable to the AIM Institute) may be sent to the Applied Information Management Institute, 118 South 19th Street, Suite 1A, Omaha, NE 68102-1313. Online registration is available at:

The LAMA 1998 Institute of the Year: Customer Service Excellence

November 17, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (8:30 a.m. registration), University of Nebraska-Lincoln Wick Alumni Center. Register by November 10.
Contact: Carol Lechner, 402-472-3545, e-mail: or Ellen Van Waart, 402-471-4004.

Sponsored by the University of Nebraska Libraries Staff Development Committee and the Nebraska Library Commission, the one-day institute will address broad concepts of customer service philosophy, the attributes of customers and the application of marketing principles to customer service in an information service environment. Learn strategies for maximizing customer service through the use of teams, problem solving techniques, and enhanced internal and external communication. Explore implications for organizational structures and services in an increasingly technological environment. Workshop leader Dr. Darlene E. Weingand, Professor and Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library and Information Studies Continuing Education Services, developed this workshop for the American Library Association's (ALA) Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA). To register, send your name, position title, library/institution, mailing address, and telephone number to: Don Arndt, Schmid Law Library, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 68583-0902, or e-mail: No charge.

Techno-Lust, Techno-Stress, and Techno-Babble

November 20, College of Dupage Teleconference Series 1998-99.

Presenter Debra Wilcox Johnson examines the stress caused by technology. Participants learn how to cope with the technological changes that affect the library, library workers, and customers. The Nebraska Library Commission purchased a statewide license to downlink five teleconferences produced by the College of DuPage to support the continuing education efforts of library personnel throughout the state. The programs are a combination of the very successful "Soaring to Excellence" and "Dancing with Change" series. With a statewide license, the Library Commission offers institutions unlimited access to downlink each program and make videotapes for the use of the participating institution. If your institution is interested in downlinking, contact Ellen Van Waart at 402-471-4004 or 800-307-2665. The satellite coordinates will be available from Ellen shortly before each program. Supplementary program materials will be available at the College of DuPage Web site, Program Schedule: December 4, The Library as Consumer; January 8, Tools of Our Trade III: Books, the Internet and Beyond; February 19, The Library as Knowledge Creator and Publisher; and March 12, Disaster Planning. CE Credit=2.

OCLC Cataloging II: Electronic Resources

December 3, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Library Commission, Heron Room.
Contact: Jeannette Powell, 402-471-7740 or 800-307-2665; email: Jeannette Powell.

An introduction to cataloging electronic resources including computer files, CD-ROMs, Internet resources, and electronic journals. This workshop will focus on the cataloging rules, MARC fields, and OCLC input standards which are important to electronic resources. Audience: Cataloging staff who are new to cataloging electronic resources or wanting a refresher. Prerequisites: Previous experience searching the OCLC Online Union Catalog and OCLC Cataloging I or equivalent experience. What to Bring: A copy of the Bibliographic Formats and Standards, 2nd ed., OCLC MARC Code List, AACR2r (optional), and examples of electronic resources with cataloging questions for discussion. CE Credit=5. Instructors: Ming Jian, Margaret Mering, Sue Ann Lewandowski, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Fee: $10 for members. If you are not a NEBASE member, contact Jeannette Powell (see above) for registration fee. Registration Deadline: November 18.

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