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It is not unusual for the Unicameral Information Office to use the time between Legislative sessions to make changes to the Unicameral web site which result in changed urls. This year is no exception. The Statutes and Constitution search link has changed to

A new feature is the ability to search by Statute range. This could come in handy if you know the number of a specific statute and want to retreive the links to each section with a single search. For example, a search of 51-412 through 51-418 (The Publications Clearinghouse statute that authorizes the Library Commission to operate the state documents depository program) brings up a list of links for each section. Clicking on “Print Friendly Version of Search” creates a document combining the full text of all sections.

Another improved feature is the ability to perform a single keyword search for previous legislation from this site

Radio buttons allow selective searching of introduced bills, slip laws, committee statements, statements of intent, fiscal notes and amendments for any or all Legislatures from 1999 to the present.

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