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Google Data Search Launched

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Thanks to my coworker Allana I learned about Google Public Data, a new service launched last week.

Google Data makes it easy to find and compare public data. So far only unemployment and population data is included, but much more will be added in future. To see how it works for Nebraska type "unemployment rate" or "population" in any Google search box and click on the small chart at the top of the search results. This opens an interactive chart with national data. Using the table on the left allows you to select and compare states, view only one state or county's data, or compare states or counties.

The Google Blog announcement

says "All the data we've used in this first launch are produced and published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau's Population Division. They did the hard work! We just made the data a bit easier to find and use.

Since Google's acquisition of Trendalyzer two years ago, we have been working on creating a new service that make lots of data instantly available for intuitive, visual exploration. Today's launch is a first step in that direction. We hope people will find this search feature helpful, whether it's used in the classroom, the boardroom or around the kitchen table. We also hope that this will pave the way for public data to take a more central role in informed public conversations."

Pretty cool eh?

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