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Vote for the Next License Plate

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The Department of Motor Vehicles is giving Nebraskans a chance to vote for their favorite of four proposed license plate designs for the 2011 plates. From May 4 to 17 citizens can vote by following this link on DMV website

Designs for the four options were developed based on ideas submitted by Nebraskans during the last plate redesign. The state redesigns and begins issuing new license plates every six years, up from every three years, following a 2004 change in state law.

DMV Director Beverly Neth said, “We’re conducting the vote entirely online. By far the vast majority of votes from the previous two contests came to us through our website. And while Nebraskans are on line voting for their favorite license plate choice, I hope they’ll take time to browse the myriad of online services the DMV now offers.”

Each option features the address of the state website, Plates depict the following:

• A plate featuring the state bird, the western meadowlark, and the state flower, the goldenrod, with dark green lettering.

• License plate letters and numbers lettered in black on a background that fades from white to black, with lettered in red across the top.

• An outline of the state and ‘Nebraska’ written in red with a background of the State Capitol and license plate letters and numbers in black.

• An outline of the state on a blue background with ‘Nebraska’ and ‘The Good Life’ lettered in red with plate with letters and numbers lettered in black.

Voting is open to all Nebraskans. The voting website was designed to limit the number of votes from specific IP addresses. There are currently 2.2 million licensed motor vehicles in Nebraska.

Happy voting!

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