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Health Insurance Workshops - Lincoln and Omaha

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Health insurance is an important current topic. The American Community Survey (ACS) is adding data to the debate. The annual ACS asks the same critical demographic and economic questions as the decennial Census, but on a yearly basis, and the 2008 ACS asked about health insurance and detailed marital history data for the first time.

The Center for Public Affairs Reasearch is offering two free workshops, presented by David Drozd. The first is in Omaha (September 29th) and the sesond in Lincoln (October 6th). The workshops will summarize
--What new health insurance and marital history data is being released (type of coverage, percent uninsured, number of marriages, etc.)
--Where Nebraska and the Lincoln and Omaha metro areas rank nationally

To Register: call Melanie Kiper at 402-554-2133 or email For additional information on the ACS or the training sessions, contact David Drozd at 402-554-2132.

Public library staff can receive 2 hours of Continuing Education credit for the Public Librarian Certification Program.

Workshop flier

Lincoln time and place:
10/6/2009 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Nebraska Library Commission
1200 N Street, Suite 120, Lincoln

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