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February 1, 2010

President's Budget

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With the dire condition of the economy and record deficits, libraries may experience more interest than usual in the Budgest of the United States Government for Fiscal Year 2011 released today by President Obama. Beginning at 10 am Eastern Time today, afficianados are able to search or browse the entire document via the Government Printing Office Federal Digital System, also known as FDSYS

The format is PDF, with many of the tables also available for separate viewing and downloading as spreadsheets in xls and comma delimited formats. The PDF versions are digitally signed by GPO to assure users of the authenticity of the documents.

Tangible copies (4 books and 1 CD-ROM) will be distributed to Federal depository libraries as soon as stock is received by GPO. Additionally, copies are available for purchase from the U.S. Government Online Bookstore at


February 3, 2010

E-DOC Alert

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The NEDOCS list of publications for Fall 2009 is now available.


February 5, 2010

2009 Nebraska State Government Publications

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Issues of the 2009 Nebraska State Government Publications are now available in print and online. If you would like to receive a print copy please contact Jennifer Wrampe, 402-471-2045, 800-307-2665, or e-mail.


February 9, 2010

New Publications Received at the Library Commission

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Click here to see a list of publications received 01/01/10 - 02/03/10.


February 24, 2010

How Healthy is Your County?

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County Health Rankings is a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

The site has been updated with 2010 data. It compares the overall health of counties within a state, as well as comparing the factors that contribute to health, such as obesity rates, the quality of health care, or high school graduatlion rates. The data is provided by state health and human services agencies.

Individual counties can be selected to bring up detailed data, or a state can be selected, bringing up an interactive map. Some counties are not ranked (15 in Nebraska are not), presumably because the population is too low for accurate comparisons.

A summary report for each state is also available. The Nebraska summary is available at

for more information about Nebraska data contact

Colleen Svoboda
Program Coordinator
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health


February 25, 2010

New Publications Received at the Library Commission

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Click here to see a list of publications received 02/04/10 - 02/22/10.


School Accreditation Guidelines Update

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A January 2010 revision of RULE 10 REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES FOR THE ACCREDITATION OF SCHOOLS has been released. It is available online from the Department of Education web site and is also part of our state document epubs collection.

Rule 10 includes a quality indicator for school media centers:

006 Media and Technology Resources

006.01 Quality Indicator: The library/media/technology program provides a wide
range of accessible print and electronic resources that expand opportunity for
learning, contribute to information literacy, support the local curriculum, and
enhance and enrich learning experiences for all students.

006.01A Each school has a library media area(s) which is available to students
during the entire school day. All library media resources are properly cataloged,
marked, and shelved according to a standard classification system. Each school
has at least one set of encyclopedia available in either print or electronic format
with copyright dates in the past five years.

006.01B Each elementary school acquires a minimum of 25 new library media
resources in print format, exclusive of textbooks and encyclopedia, of different
titles, per teacher per year, up to 150 titles during one year. The minimum
number of new titles in print format is 75 if library media resources are also
available through electronic format. Each middle and high school acquires a
minimum of 150 titles each year in either print or in full text electronic format.


Nebraska State Historical Society Archives/Reference Room Reopening

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Genealogists and other patrons of the Archives/Library Reference Room at the Nebraska State Historical Society will be very happy to learn that the library will be reopening soon. From the NSHS web site:

"After fourteen months of construction and renovation, the Library/Archives Reference Room will reopen to researchers on Tuesday, March 9th. Our regular hours remain Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00; and Saturday, 8:00-5:00.

While the Reference Room is slightly smaller, bathrooms have been added nearby. We thank you for your patience during the long construction phase and look forward to providing you with the research materials that you need"

A new leaflet for genealogists is available at

The full announcement and pictures of the renovations are posted at



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