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Nebraskans and Health Insurance

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You may have seen newspaper articles about this new report from the Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Nebraska Health Insurance Coverage: A Profile of the Characteristics of the Insured and Uninsured:

Some highlights:

About 190,000 Nebraskans are not covered by any form of health insurance, equating to
an uninsured rate of 11 percent for the state.

Health insurance coverage through an employer or union provides the bulk of Nebraska’s
health insurance (1.1 million persons covered or 57 percent of all coverage plans).

In Nebraska, more than 12 percent of men did not have health insurance, versus about 9
percent of women.

Uninsured rates are highest among those of college age (18-24 years, 22 percent) and
those of early working age (25-34 years, 17 percent). Nearly universal coverage exists
among those 65 and older due to eligibility for Medicare. Uninsured rates are relatively
low among children under 18 and those aged 55-64 (7 and 8 percent respectively).

Nebraska uninsured rates are higher among minority population groups. Uninsured rates
are highest among Hispanics and Blacks, at 28 and 22 percent respectively, compared to
8 percent for non-Hispanic Whites. Differentials in health insurance coverage rates by
race and ethnicity are larger in Nebraska than those that exist nationally.

Uninsured rates are quite high among Nebraska’s foreign born population (35 percent),
especially those foreign born residents who, regardless of legal residence status, are not
United States citizens (45 percent).

Those experiencing economic hardships have higher uninsured rates, as 42 percent of the
unemployed, 28 percent of those in poverty, and 21 percent of those receiving food
stamps did not have health insurance.

The uninsured rate declines for each successive increase among educational attainment
categories, ranging from 26 percent among those aged 25 and older with no high school
education, to only 2 percent of those with a graduate or professional degree.

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