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Facts about Nebraska Communities--finally!

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The American Community Survey is a wonderful thing. Annual surveys are taken in every community and rural area of the country. Because it is sample data, results have been rolled out gradually for the past five years, starting with state and county level data. Finally after 5 years we have detailed estimates for the smallest communities, which is most of our towns in Nebraska. The reason for the wait is the need to have years of data to make results more accurate and preserve confidentiality.

The quickest way to get a profile for your community is to go to the American Factfinder site

In the Get a Fact Sheet for your Community box type the name of your community and choose Nebraska. You will get a profile of social, economic, housing and population estimates. And here's the really cool part. If you click on any of the show more links it will bring up more data, still for the town you specified.

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