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U.S. Statutes at Large Vol. 65-94 now Digitized

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from the GPO mailing list:

In February 2011, the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) announced a collaborative initiative with the Library of Congress (LOC) to digitize some of our nation's most important legal and legislative documents. Drawing on the strengths of both agencies, the United States Statutes at Large, Volumes 65-94 is the first digitized collection to be released on FDsys. The collection on FDsys provides Web-based public access to the digitally signed documents.

As part of the collaboration, LOC scanned the documents in this collection. GPO digitally signed the documents in order to ensure the authentication of the material. Both the LOC and GPO maintain the archival collection and share the content for their individual uses.

The United States Statutes at Large, typically referred to as the Statutes at Large, is the permanent collection of all laws and resolutions enacted during each session of Congress. The digitized collection consists of Volumes 65-94 which spans from 1951 through 1980 (82nd -96th Congresses) in both search and browse format.

Volumes 95-115, which spans from 1981 through 2002 (97th-107th Congresses) will continue to be added to FDsys in the coming weeks.

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