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September 17, 1997

Rod Wagner
402-471-4001, 800-307-2665

Library Commission Funds Support Systems to Improve Library
and Information Services for Nebraskans

Nebraska Library Commission Director Rod Wagner announced the recent award of $ 1,259,771 in FY 97-99 library support grants to fund training and development assistance for Nebraska libraries through Nebraska's six Regional Library Systems. Nebraska's library systems consist of all types of libraries, including public, school, college, institutional and others. "We are pleased to award these state and federal funds through this contractual alliance with Regional Library Systems, as they assist Nebraska libraries in opening up the world of information for citizens of all ages," Wagner said.

Each of the six regional library systems submitted a Plan for Library Service 1997-99 in April of this year. The Library Commission approved these plans this summer and the new agreements represent a 6% increase over funding for the last biennium. Nebraska's Regional Library Systems are six non-profit corporations helping to improve library services by promoting cooperation between all types of libraries and media centers in the counties in each System area. The Library Systems partner with the Library Commission to create relationships so that Nebraskans can borrow books and other materials and get answers to questions from anywhere, can have access to Information Technology including the Internet, and can learn about the services of libraries. They also provide training and Continuing Education workshops for librarians and library board members. Library systems also help libraries improve Children's Services, as well as materials and programs for adults. This continuing partnership between the regional library systems and the Nebraska Library Commission has been in existence since 1985.


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