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Giveaways from the Nebraska Library Commission

A variety of books and videos are available to those visiting the Library Commission. Any Nebraska library is welcome to these books, including those titles listed below.

Books are available for free if picked up at the Library Commission, or they can be mailed to your library for a suggested donation of $3.00 per paperback or $4.00 per hardcover.

For more information or to reserve available titles, contact the Information Services Team

Some currently available fiction titles: (Looking for nonfiction, poetry or library science?)

Title Author Format Copies
Eric Shonkwiler
""Sparse and poetic, the worse within these pages are as sharp as a corn knife." - Frank Bill, author of Crimes in Southern Indiana
by Eric Shonkwiler Paperback 3
Bones Buried in the Dirt
"Bones Buried in the Dirt" was named a finalist in the First Novel (Under 80,000 words) category of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.
by David Atkinson Paperback
The Bottle Opener
From the Red Dashboard Dime Novel Series
by Laura Madeline Wiseman Paperback 3
Dead Behind the Eyes
...weaves a patchwork of compelling stories and relatable characters that explore why some of us are strengthened by adversity and others fold.
by Brock Car Paperback 4
Deadline For Death
Dodge sets out to solve Freeman's murder and finds clues, romance, and family secrets.
by Steven R. Head Paperback 3
The Dust-Covered Days of Dorie Archer
Dorie’s gripping story brings to life the everyday activities of a Nebraska girl and her family during the Dust Bowl...
by Barbara Eymann Mohrman Paperback
Farthest House
"...a gem! Willow is born in Nebraska with a physical disability that connects her to the ghost of a past relative. This book has something for everyone: art, literature, murder, intrigue, and romance." -Paula Schumm, NetGallery
by Margaret Lukas Paperback
The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes
Don’t you hate it when you may (or may not) be trapped endlessly in a Village Inn with your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, coincidentally your ex-best friend? That’s the kind of day Cassandra is having.
by David Atkinson Paperback
The Good Life: a Nebraska Love Story
Includes the short romances The Bird Day Battalion and The V-Day Aversion.
by Genevieve Dewey Paperback 3
The Home Place
"A superb and . . . revolutionary wedding of prose and pictures, a kind of new art form." —Omaha World-Herald
by Wright Morris Paperback 6
Justice Seekers
...not your ordinary "whodunit" book. Three citizens are out for justice by whatever means necessary, even if it means breaking a few rules and a law or two.
by Les Williams Paperback 4
A Name to Remember
Join Cheryl in her journey to discern the sources of mystery and intrigue surrounding her life...
by Nancy Isom Paperback 3
A fiction novel with some historical allusions...includes topics on slavery, mail order brides, American mid-west settlers and fur trade.
by Minda Neptuno Paperback
Ordinary Genius
In all these stories, Averill illuminates the magical in the mundane: just because the rest of the world flies right over Kansas doesn’t mean they’re not missing out."—Publishers Weekly
by Thomas Fox Averill Hardcover 23
Saving Tres Rios
Retired Air Force Sergeant Robert Madden thought the war was behind him, but as he entered Tres Rios, New Mexico, a new war was just beginning.
by John Witzel Paperback 4
Sisters' Secret
Set in Park Forest, Illinois, the model of a post-World War II suburb, Sisters’ Secret shows the dark side of the perfect, planned community.
by Cort Fernald Paperback 3
Something in Vallarta
"One part Raymond Chandler and two parts Hunter Thompson... Richter captures the flavor of Mexico where 'manana' is the operative word". -- Publishers Weekly
by Robert Richter Hardcover 2
Something Like a Dream
On this strange pilgrimage Waters will find a new perspective on reality and dream, on deceit and self-deception, and experience a healing ceremony that will change his life forever...or simply end it.
by Robert Richter Paperback 3
Sweet Little Lies
In television star Lauren Conrad's dishy, entertaining novel about young Hollywood, the lies are only as sweet as the people telling them.
by Lauren Conrad Hardcover 1
The Time Traveler's Wife
The beloved, mega bestselling first novel from Audrey Niffenegger, “a soaring celebration of the victory of love over time” (Chicago Tribune).
by Audrey Niffennegger Paperback 8
The Usual Mistakes
"[Flanagan's] yarns of Midwesterners struggling with modern life are brightened by her sharp sense of humor."— Midwestern Writers to Watch, John Mark Eberhart, Kansas City Star
by Erin Flanagan Hardcover 7
Welcome to Temptation
"Prepare to be absolutely charmed by Jennifer Crusie's riotous tale of two slightly twisted sisters and a town chock full of hunks, coots, and petty politics." - Nancy R.E. O'Brien
by Jennifer Crusie Paperback 1

For more information, contact Information Services Team.