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Giveaways from the Nebraska Library Commission

A variety of books and videos are available to those visiting the Library Commission. Any Nebraska library is welcome to these books, including those titles listed below.

Books are available for free if picked up at the Library Commission, or they can be mailed to your library for a suggested donation of $3.00 per paperback or $4.00 per hardcover.

For more information or to reserve available titles, contact the Information Services Team

Some currently available nonfiction titles: (Looking for fiction, children's books, poetry, or library science?)

Title Author Format Copies
27 - Two Tales of Perfection
This is a story of championships, individual triumphs, and tragedies that characterizedthe 1958 and 1983 Clatonia Cardinals basketball teams.
by Gene Steinmeyer Paperback
1968: a Year of War and Uncertainty
Reflecting on a pivotal year in history with the Hlavaceks' reports filed from Vietnam and elsewhere.
by John Hlavacek and Pegge Parker Hlavacek Paperback
Advocacy to Zealousness: Learning Lawyering Skills from Classic Films
Includes 26 skills, listed in alphabetical order and appearing in separate chapters, which should ideally be in every lawyer s toolbox.
by Kelly Lynn Anders Paperback
Babblings of a Burned Out Teacher
A Nebraska teacher looks back at his career and the state of education.
by C.T. Wilke Paperback
Bound To Have Blood: Frontier Newspapers and the Plains Indian Wars
Takes readers back to the late nineteenth century to show how newspaper reporting influenced attitudes about the conflict between the United States and Native Americans.
by Hugh J. Reilly Paperback 1
The Boys of Bloomfield: How They Survived the Great Depression and Won World War II
This book is the culmination of eight years of work chronicling the life of the author's grandfather, his mother's family and his home town.
by Ramon D. Hansen Paperback
A Brave Soldier and Honest Gentleman
Lt. James E. H. Foster in the West, 1873-1881.
by Thomas R. Buecker Hardcover
The Call of the Land
An Agarian Primer for the 21st Century.
by Steven McFadden Paperback 3
Cambridge Biographical Dictionary
"A superb account of human history's important figures - past and present."
edited by Magnus Magnusson Hardcover 1
Chad's Triumph: the Chad Green Story
Portrays the epic saga of a mother's journey to help her son defeat leukemia, the courts, and the media.
by Diana Meyer Paperback 2
The Counter-Cinema of the Berlin School
"Marco Abel's invaluable new book sharpens our focus on the energies and incentives that have produced the remarkable films of the Berlin School." - Eric Rentschler, Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures, Harvard University
by Marco Abel Hardcover
Crazy Horse: the Strange Man of the Oglalas
A powerful evocation of the long-ago world and enduring spirit of Crazy Horse. A 2007 One Book, One Nebraska selection.
by Mari Sandoz Paperback
Deep Map Country: Literary Cartography of the Great Plains
"While Deep Map Country offers an important contribution to the growing body of work focused on the literature of the Great Plains, it also provides a kind of template for future ecocritical explorations of other deeply mapped bioregions."—Matthew Cella, Cultural Geographies
by Susan Naramore Maher Hardcover 3
Diane's Blessings
The story of an ordinary Catholic with a gift for compassion who is on an extraordinary pilgrimage to heaven.
by Jim Sizemore Paperback 3
Doorway to Freedom: The Story of David Kaufmann
Based on meticulous research and many interviews with the survivors of the families who “Uncle David” saved from the Holocaust.
by William Ramsey and Betty Dineen Shrier Paperback
The Eleventh Hour Can't Last Forever
"Two tons of silver and gold coins, hundreds of thousands of nickels, dimes, quarters, and gold pieces. They were under our beds, in the kitchen cupboards, up in the attics, in the bottom of dresser drawers, in holes in the ground."
by Alison Johnson Paperback
Family Medical History: Unknown/Adopted
A heart-warming story of personal, medical, genealogical, and emotional discovery.
by Nancy Kacirek Feldman and Rebecca Crofoot Paperback
Focus On Them
Leading the Mindset Revolution for coaches, educators, and business leaders.
by Dave Gosselin Paperback
The Freedom of the Streets: Work, Citizenship, and Sexuality in a Gilded Age City
Gilded Age cities offered extraordinary opportunities to women--but at a price.
by Sharon Wood Paperback 2
A Generation Removed: the Fostering and Adoption of Indigenous Children in the Postwar World
Examines how government authorities in the post–World War II era removed thousands of American Indian children from their families and placed them in non-Indian foster or adoptive families.
by Margaret D. Jacobs Hardcover 1
Growing Up On Prairie Farms
A rough and tumble childhood.
by Phyllis Pahl Mitchell Paperback 4
Her Art/Her Self
Profiles of 56 women who make art matter.
by Suzanne Smith Arney Paperback
Honey, I Smell Flowers
A true story and facts about traumatic brain injury.
by Ruth Ann Bartels Paperback 2
How Not to Be My Patient: A Physician's Secrets for Staying Healthy and Surviving Any Diagnosis
Dr. Edward Creagan has been treating very sick patients for more than 35 years.
by Edward T. Creagan Paperback 1
Huskers on the Hardwood
100 Years of University of Nebraska Basketball.
by Mike Babcock Paperback
In the House of I Am: a Memoir
After twelve years as a Catholic sister and within a few months after she meets a young priest named Raymond, Mary leaves the convent and learns a surprising truth about belonging to the House of I Am.
by Mary Avidano Paperback
Inklings: a memoir
Honest...Koterba renders scenes of family dysfunction with an artist's feel for nuance and detail." - Publisher's Weekly
by Jeffrey Koterba Paperback
KRVN The First 50 Years of Service to Agriculture
A History of the Best Farm Station in the Nation, KRVN, the Rural Voice of Nebraska.
by Max Brown and Eric Brown Paperback
The Last American Highway
A journey through time down U.S. Route 83.
by Stew Magnuson Paperback
The Last Days of the Rainbelt
The sobering tale of the rapid rise and decline of the settlement of the western Great Plains.
by David J. Wishart Hardcover 1
Law at Little Big Horn
Due process denied.
by Charles E. Wright. Hardcover 1
Legacy of Love
The true story of a family who moved to Nebraska in a covered wagon. Along the way they were robbed, nearly died of dehydration and hounded by rattle snakes, wild animals and all sorts of difficulties.
by Edyth Spriggs Paperback
Letters From Lee
One man's story of Vietnam.
by LaRayne M. Topp, as told by Lee Heckman Paperback
A Lincoln Dialogue
Cross-examines Lincoln’s major statements, papers, and initiatives in light of the comments and criticism of his supporters and detractors.
by James A. Rawley Hardcover 2
Lonesome Dreamer
Offering insight into both his personal and his literary life, this biography reaffirms Neihardt’s place in American literary history, his successes and failures, and his unbreakable spirit.
by Timothy Anderson Hardcover 3
The Loren Eiseley Reader
A collection of esseys intended to introduce the writings of the Nebraska naturalist and phlospher.
by Loren Eiseley Hardcover
Releasing the power of your leadership presence.
by Boyd Ober Paperback 3
The Mayor: How I Turned Around Los Angeles after Riots, an Earthquake and the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial
Riordan, a non-ideological Republican who was pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and pro-immigration, was elected to office in the aftermath of the infamous Rodney King beating and subsequent 1992 L.A. Riots.
by Richard J. Riordan Hardcover 1
Modified Flight Plan
In April of 2009, Brian leaves his job at Duncan Aviation, where he is an aviation mechanic, to go home with what he thinks is the flu. Four hours later, he is comatose and on life-support.
by Lisa Kovanda and Brian Thomas Paperback
Natives Of A Dry Place
Stories of Dakota before the oil boom.
by Richard Edwards Paperback
Natural Treasures of the Great Plains
An ecological perspective.
edited by Tom Lynch, Paul Johnsgard, and Jack Phillips Paperback
Nebraska Authors: Volume 1
Discover United States and world history through the pen of Nebraska authors.
by Nancy Sue Hansen and Barbara Ann Dush Paperback
The Nebraska Dispatches
When playwright Christopher Cartmill returned to his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, to write a play about Chief Standing Bear, he unknowingly began a complicated adventure.
by Christopher Cartmill Hardcover
Nerdy Thirty: Observations and Advice From a Lifelong Nerd
A collection of thirteen humorous essays that recount personal experiences from one woman's childhood, her painfully awkward teen years, college and those leading up to the big three-oh (no!).
by Wendy Townley Paperback
The New Advertising - Branding, Content, and Consumer Relationships in the Data-Driven Social Media Era
a 2 volume set: Volume One: Traditional Advertising Transformed. Volume Two: New Media, New Uses, New Metrics
by Ruth Brown, Valerie Jones, and Ming Wang Hardcover 2
Of Life Immense: the Prophetic Vision of Walt Whitman
Whitman did not see himself primarily as a literary figure. First and foremost the poet saw himself as a prophet articulating an appropriate religion for his time.
by Ronald Knapp Paperback 3
Omaha and Council Bluffs: Yesterday Á Today
A collection of vintage photographs of great Omaha and Council Bluffs landmarks and locations, paired with more current photographs.
by Tom Kessler and Kristine Gerber Hardcover
Omaha Community Playhouse Story: a Theatre's Historic Triumph
The Omaha Community Playhouse’s story is full of colorful heroes and a few villains, flashy divas and dashing men, soaring triumphs and comical mishaps. The Playhouse is entering its 90th season.
by Warren Francke Paperback
One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China
Business in China is never quite what it seems.
by James McGregor Paperback
One Man's Voice: the Donald Hartwell Diary
Nebraska farmer's diary is keenly personal. His family were continually disappointed by economic circumstances, weather conditions and failure. It is a story of ordinary people trying to survive in extraordinary times. Excerpts of this diary were included in The Worst Hard Time by Tim Egan
edited by Marsha Davis Paperback
Reaching Higher
The simple strategy to transform American's K-12 schools.
by John Baylor Paperback
Reading and Writing Nebraska
A Survey of Our State's Book Discussion and Writing Groups.
by Mel Krutz for the Nebraska Center for the Book Paperback
Real Estate Investors - Clients For Life
How to find, keep, and grow with them while making more income than you thought was possible.
by Fred Tichauer Paperback 3
Reflections on Pediatric Medicine from 1943 to 2010
One man's odyssey through the Golden Years of Medicine - a true dual love story.
by Byron B. Oberst, MD, FAAP Paperback
Revolutionary Spies
Intelligence and espionage in America's first war.
by Tim McNeese Harcover
Saleratus Á Sagebrush: People and Places on the Road West
The members of the Bidwell-Bartleson party have been generally forgotten. This group was the first true emigrant train to cross South Pass.
by Robert Munkres Paperback 1
Science at the American Frontier: a Biography of DeWitt Bristol Brace
Both a biography of American physicist DeWitt Bristol Brace (1859–1905) and a study of the processes by which scientific knowledge and associated instrumentation were transferred from Europe to the United States and from the east coast to the American frontier.
by David Cahan Á M. Eugene Rudd Hardcover 1
Screw College Debt
How to go to college without breaking the bank.
by Marco LeRoc Paperback
Shingling The Fog and Other Plains Lies
"More than corn grows tall on the American Plains. Here for the delectation of amateur folklorists is a collection of country whoppers from the frontier of Nebraska, Oklahoma and Iowa..."--Publishers Weekly
by Roger Welsch Paperback
Shortcuts To Gourmet Cooking Encore
"Enjoy cooking from scratch on almost any diet...this second cookbook from Fran focuses on healthful foods."
by Frances Schaffer Hardcover
Slow Boat to Pakistan: The Personal Diaries and Letters of Pegge Parkers, 1951-1952
A widowed journalist documents her travels through her journal and letters home to her parents and young children.
by Pegge Parker Paperback
Soul Healing Miracles
Ancient and new sacred wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques for healing the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.
by Dr. Á Master Zhi Gang Sha Hardcover 2
Surviving Life
How to turn nightmares into dreams.
by Shandy Lee Loberg Paperback 3
Sustainable Compromises: a Yurt, a straw Bale House, and Ecological Living
When Alan Boye first lived in sustainable housing, he was young, idealistic, and not much susceptible to compromise—until rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, and loneliness drove him out of the utilities-free yurt he’d built in New Mexico. Thirty-five years later, he decided to try again.
by Alan Boye Paperback 2
A Tale of a Mother, Her Three Boys, and Their Dog
The love story of a father for his family.
by Byron B. Oberst, M.D., FAAP Paperback 3
The Tallgrass Prairie Reader
A first-of-its kind collection of literature from and about the tallgrass bioregion. Focusing on autobiographical nonfiction...
edited by John T. Price Paperback 1
Thanks To One Of My Favorite Teachers: a Collection Of Personal Stories
An extra spark occurs between a student and the teacher destined to be one of their favorites.
by John Morrissey Hardcover 2
Trophy Wife: Sexuality. Disability. Femininity.
"Part memoir, part commentary on social issues in sex and disability."
by Leandra Vane Paperback 2
Two Gun Hart: Lawman, Cowboy, and Long-Lost Brother of Al Capone
They were two siblings on opposite sides of the law, both ambitious and skillful, and both of the same family.
by Jeff McArthur Paperback 1
Urban Villages and Local Identities
Germans from Russian, Omaha Indians, and Vietnamese in Lincoln, Nebraska.
by Kurt Kinbacher Paperback
Webster's Concise Biographical Dictionary
Biographies of world leaders and newsmakers
by Merriam-Webster Hardcover 1
Wolves in Blue: Stories of the North Brothers and Their Pawnee Scouts
A young adult quick-reading biography of brothers Frank and Luther North and their Pawnee Scouts who worked with the U.S. Army to protect and rescue overland trail travelers, settlers, soldiers, and Union Pacific railroad workers during the 1860s and 1870s Plains Indian Wars and the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.
by Jean Lukesh Paperback 1

For more information, contact Information Services Team.