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Giveaways from the Nebraska Library Commission

A variety of books and videos are available to those visiting the Library Commission. Any Nebraska library is welcome to these books, including those titles listed below.

Books are available for free if picked up at the Library Commission, or they can be mailed to your library for a suggested donation of $3.00 per paperback or $4.00 per hardcover.

For more information or to reserve available titles, contact the Information Services Team

Some currently available poetry titles: (Looking for fiction, nonfiction, or library science?)

Title Author Format Copies
An Apparently Impossible Adventure
Enjoy these "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in this bold new book of sci-fi poetry.
by Laura Madeline Wiseman Paperback 3
Class Pictures
With well-chosen details and skillfully executed free verse, Karla Wendelin brings a classroom of kids to life.
by Karla Wendelin Paperback 3
Come Now
"These poems reflect a probing intellect and an emotional candor..." - Kwame Dawes
by Rodger Gerberding Paperback 3
Gathering Place
"Wyatt's poems are a mix of sardonic humor, cynicism, sly jokes, cryptic asides..." - Greg Kosmicki
by David Wyatt Paperback 4
If You Turned Around Quickly
"A volume of sharp observations in well-crafted poems..." - Twyla Hansen
by Michael Catherwood Paperback 3
Its As Good Here As It Gets Anywhere
In plain, unassuming language and without a hint of hype or excess sentiment, Greg Kosmicki ushers the reader into the most mundane aspects of his life.
by Greg Kosmicki Paperback 2
JackJack and Junebug
A love song in poems and posts.
by Marily June Coffey and Jack Lascutoff Paperback 3
People Like Cats
Features all things of cat fancy as it meditates on the human itch for feline companionship.
by Laura Madeline Wiseman Paperback 3
"Your first bike was a hot pink Schwinn with a banana seat, a basket with flowers, yellow tassels fluttering...."
by Laura Madeline Wiseman Paperback 3
Explores Asian-American experience in the ontext of Chinese workers who built the transcontinental railroad in the 1860s.
by James Magorian Hardcover 3

For more information, contact Information Services Team.