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What is Open Source? - Recorded Online Session 

The concept of Open Source is both simple and complex. Instead of the standard model of purchasing software and doing only what it allows you to do, open source software (OSS) is typically free and allows you to change it to fit your needs. However, as it has been said, OSS is not free as in beer, but free as in kittens. There may be no up-front costs, but that doesnít mean thereís no costs in the long run. The costs are just different. In this session, Michael Sauers, the Nebraska Library Commissionís Technology Innovation Librarian will introduce you to the concepts behind open source, give examples of some of the most influential OSS packages being used today, and discuss why libraries should be paying attention to this model.

Class Format
Recorded Online Session
Date Recorded Length
4/22/2008 35 minutes
No Charge
Michael Sauers
CE Hours
For Further Information Sponsor
Jeannette Powell
402-471-7740 or 800-307-2665
Nebraska Library Commission