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Schedule of Important Dates for Accreditation, Grants, and Surveys

July 1, Yearly
Announcements for Public Library Accreditation e-mailed to libraries up for reaccreditation and to libraries that submitted their annual statistics for 2012-2013.

August, Yearly
Application forms for Youth Grants for Excellence become available.

October 1, Yearly
Accreditation applications and strategic plan are due to the Library Commission.

October, Yearly
Due Date for submission of Youth Grants for Excellence applications.

October 31, Yearly
Libraries receive response to Accreditation application.

November, Yearly
Youth Grants for Excellence awards announced.

November, Yearly
Public Library Survey is available through Bibliostat Collect™ The ID and password are the same as your accreditation application ID and password.

February, Yearly
Due date for the annual Public Library Survey. To be eligible for state aid the library's data must be submitted via Bibliostat Collect™.

The NLC Supplemental Survey is a directory update (your ID and password are the same as your accreditation/Bibliostat ID and password) and can be completed at any time. For accredited libraries, it is required that the survey be updated at least once a year. Whenever your library has changes (e.g. staff data, board data, freinds/foundation, library hours, and internet services), the supplemental survey should be updated.

For more information, contact Sam Shaw.