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Bibliostat Collect

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The Library Commission subscribes to Bibliostat™ Collect, a Web-based product that was developed to facilitate the submission of public library statistical information.  To be eligible for state aid, public libraries must submit their annual statistics online through  Bibliostat™ Collect by the published deadline. The Nebraska Public Library Statistical Survey for the 2014-2015 fiscal year will begin on November 9, 2015.

Blank Copy of 2014-2015 Public Library Survey  Microsoft Word Format Word File   PDF Format  Adobe Reader File

2015 changes to the surveyPDF File 

Survey Instructions 2014-2015 PDF File

Browser Compatability View PDF File Bibliostat recommends Internet Explorer or Firefox. If you are running IE version 10 or higher, you need to turn on compatability view.

How to Find Fiscal Year Circulation from Overdrive PDF file

Bibliostat Collect FAQ  Adobe Reader File Frequently asked questions about the survey program

Federal Data Element Definitions Adobe Reader File

How to Report Electronic Collections/Databases Adobe Reader File

Public Library Survey Guide (for new directors) Adobe Reader File

For more information, contact Sam Shaw.