Apply for Talking Book and Braille Service

There are three different types of applications for Talking Book and Braille Service: individual, facility, and school. Please choose the application most relevant to you and mail it to:

Talking Book and Braille Service
1200 N Street, Suite 120
Lincoln, NE 68508-2023

Signed applications can also be emailed to or faxed to (402) 471-6244.

Note: If you would rather receive a paper copy of any of the applications on this webpage, contact TBBS and we will mail you an application form via the U.S. Postal Service. Please make sure you include a postal address in email or voicemail requests.

Individual Application Form

For individuals living in their own homes, with family members, or independently in assisted living centers. A user can enter information directly into this form using the computer then print the completed form, or can print the form and complete it with pen.

Individual Application Form

Facility Application Form

For individuals living in or receiving service through nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living centers, senior citizen centers. If individual residents prefer to receive service directly (in their own name), they should apply using the Individual Application.

Facility Application Form

School Application Forms

For schools or school systems interested in receiving service for use in the classroom for students who are eligible for talking books. You must also submit an Individual Application Form for each student. (Note: A medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy must sign applications for students with reading disabilities). Also at the beginning of each subsequent school year, send in an Annual Student Enrollment Form to show which students will be receiving talking book service during that particular year.

School Application Form
Individual Application Form
Annual Student Enrollment Form

BARD Application

After you have signed up for Talking Book Service, please inquire About Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) Service. The BARD website has thousands of recorded books and magazine issues available for download, as well as many web-Braille files. The audiobooks can be played using the NLS Digital Players we provide to our patrons, or by using the BARD Mobile Application on any of your iOS and Andriod devices.

BARD Application for Individuals (will redirect to National Library Service website)
BARD Application for Institutions (will redirect to National Library Service Website)

Descriptive Video Registration Form

Nebraska Talking Book and Braille Service also offers a limited collection of Descriptive Videos for loan. If interested in receiving these videos, anyone who qualifies for our service may fill out a video registration form in addition to the application for service above. You must complete both the application for service and the application for Descriptive Videos to receive videos.

Descriptive Video Registration Form