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The American West by C.L. Sonnichsen
History - The Old West | Biography
Biography of the most scandalous of frontier justices of the peace—a seedy fellow who lived by his wits and handed down some weird decisions. Some strong language. Narrated by Dick Shasteen. (5 hours, 51 minutes)

by Joe Starita
History - The Old West | Biography | Indian American History
In 1877, Chief Standing Bear's people, the Ponca, were removed from their ancestral lands in Nebraska's Niobrara River valley to Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). When his only son dies in 1879, Standing Bear undertakes a 600-mile journey back to Nebraska in order to bury him. This action sets the stage for a federal trial to determine whether or not Native Americans were entitled to equal protection under the law, and had they been deprived of their property, homeland, and even their lives without due process. Narrated by Alice Timm. (10 hours, 42 minutes)

by Larry Underwood
History - The Old West | Biography | Law Enforcement
Two lawmen set out to protect the West's first cow town, Abilene, Kansas, from lawless cowboys that arrived with the Texas cattle herds. The first lawman, Bear River Tom Smith, preferred to use his fists. His successor, Wild Bill Hickok, used his smoking guns. Contains violence. Narrated by Bonnie Quinn.

by Lisa Knopp
Essays | History - The Midwest | Travel Writing | Natural History
A collection of essays concerning the Midwest. Includes memoirs, as well as travel writing, and natural history. The author describes the inner character of the Midwest, as revealed by history, shaped by nature, and lived by its inhabitants. Contains some strong language. Narrated by Marjory Gloe. (11 hours, 45 minutes)

by Timothy Egan
History - The Great Plains | The Dust Bowl | Memoir
Horrific account of life on the western Great Plains during the darkest years of the Depression, when drought and wind storms produced blinding black blizzards, crop failure, and even death. Based on interviews with survivors, diaries, and newspaper accounts, this book chronicles the dust bowl years of the 1930s that terrorized communities and the determination of those who stayed. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt. (11 hours, 35 minutes)

by James J. Kimble
History - The Midwest | World War II History
James J. Kimble chronicles the Nebraska scrap metal drive of 1942 that was developed by Omaha World-Herald publisher Henry Doorly. The Nebraska drive was so successful it provided the template for a national drive that would yield millions of tons of scrap metal to aid in arms production during World War II. Narrated by Connie Healey.

by John Myers Myers
The West Biography
Related the adventures of Hugh Glass (1780-1833), who was by turns, a pirate, a captive of the Pawnee, and a mountain man who dragged himself 2,000 miles after being left to die in the wilderness. 1976. Narrated by Joe Schroer. (6 hours, 7 minutes)

by Nellie Snyder Yost and Grace Snyder
Nebraska Story | Pioneer Memoir
Mrs. Grace Snyder (1882-1982) told Nellie Snyder Yost about having grown up on the high plains of Custer County, Nebr. and living in western Nebraska all her life; a full life in which, "I have been blessed by having no time on my hands". 1963. Narrated by Joanne Boeckman. (14 hours, 32 minutes).

by Louise Pound
Nebraska History | Folklore and Oral Tradition
Included are cave legends, snake superstitions, weather lore, tales of strong men who rival Paul Bunyan, stories of Indian lovers' leaps, and the legends of Weeping Water and Lincoln Salt Basin. A section on old Nebraska folk customs provides a wealth of information about holiday observances, literary and debating societies, and various social traditions. 1989. Narrated by Phyllis Narveson. (10 hours, 7 minutes)

by Harold Hutton
History - The Old West | Biography
Covering a period of 15 to 20 years during the late 1800s and mostly focusing on the activities of noted horse thief, Kid Wade, Hutton expands his scope to include all vigilante activity in the lower and middle Niobrara region. This volume tries to present an unbiased factual study. Hutton does not depict the vigilance committees as always right or always wrong, nor does he attempt to glamorize or create sympathy for the thieves. Narrated by Mike Pearl. (8 hours, 0 minutes)

by Kay Graber
Nebraska Story | History - The Old West | Pioneer Cookery
Nebraska's pioneer food tells us much about how our forebearers lived, and in compiling this cookbook the aim was to achieve a balance between recipes and descriptions of the way of life the pioneers exemplified. Narrated by Ida Carr Tyson. (5 hours, 20 minutes)

by D. Jean Smith
History - The Old West | Biography
Southern-belle and sharp-shooter Ena Raymonde knew she had found her new home when she stepped off the train at McPherson Station in southwest Nebraska. Based on journals and letters from the 1870s, this biography presents the life of a frontier woman who crossed paths with Buffalo Bill Cody, Texas Jack Omohundro, Doc Carver, and other legends of the Old West. 2003. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt. (8 hours, 46 minutes)

by Caroline Sandoz Pifer and Jules Sandoz, Jr.
Nebraska Story | The West Biography
Jules Sandoz, Jr., Mari Sandoz's brother, fills out the story of their family life, dominated by Papa, in western Nebraska in the early 1900s. A frail boy who clung to the skirts of his German grandmother, Jules, Jr., had to learn lessons of survival early. He was beaten up by his schoolmates, and did not speak English well; but with his brother, James, he helped feed the family by hunting and trapping. Eventually he found the strength to stand up to his father. 1989. Narrated by James Stilwell. (3 hours, 33 minutes)

by compiled by Paul Robert Beath
Midwest History | Folklore and Oral Tradition
A selection of short tales about a folk hero of the Great Plains, a Swede in the Paul Bunyan tradition. 1948. Narrated by James Shelley. (3 hours, 35 minutes)

by compiled by Roger Welsch
Nebraska History | Folklore and Oral Tradition
This collection of Nebraska pioneer folklore is taken largely from the Nebraska Folklore Pamphlets issued by the WPA Federal Writers' Project in the 1930s. Contents include songs of trail and prairie and of the Farmers' Alliance, white man's yarns and Indian tales, pioneer Nebraska folk customs, sayings, proverbs, beliefs, children's games, cooking, and cures. Compiled by Roger Welsch. 1984. Narrated by Cathy Hawkins. (14 hours, 42 minutes)

by Nellie Snyder Yost and A.B. Snyder
Nebraska Story | Pioneer Memoir
Albert Benton Snyder (b. 1872), an old-time cattleman, reminisces about his years as a cowboy working the range in western Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana. As told by A.B. Snyder to Nellie Snyder Yost. 1951. Narrated by Joanne Boeckman. (6 hours, 44 minutes)

by Nellie Snyder Yost
Nebraska Story | The West Biography
A portrait of Buffalo Bill Cody as husband, father, neighbor and citizen during the years he made North Platte, Nebr. his home and headquarters. 1979. Narrated by Dick Daleki. (18 hours, 33 minutes).

compiled by Roger Welsch
Midwest History | Folklore and Oral Tradition | Wit and Humor
Were our forefathers liars? "You bet they were," says Roger Welsch, "and damned fine ones at that." The proof is in Catfish at the Pump , a collection of the kind of humor that softened the hardships of pioneering on the Great Plains. From yellowed newspapers, magazines, and forgotten Nebraska Federal Writers' Project files, the well-known folklorist and humorist Roger Welsch has produced a book to be treasured. Here are jokes, anecdotes, legends, tall tales, and lugubriously funny poems about the things that preoccupied the pioneer weather extremes; soil quality; food and whiskey; an arkload of animals, including grasshoppers, bed bugs, hoop snakes, the ubiquitous mule, and some mighty big fish; and even sickness and the poverty that would inspire black laughter again in the Great Depression. Catfish at the Pump proves abundantly that the art of story telling was practiced diligently by our plains ancestors. Roger Welsch, who brought out Shingling the Fog and Other Plains Lies in 1972 (reprinted by the University of Nebraska Press in 1980), now issues this "book about lies and liars," knowing full well that "underlying the pioneer sense of humor is a profound respect for truth." 1982. Read by Roger Welsch. (4 hours, 46 minutes)

by Dorothy Weyer Creigh
Nebraska History | Memoir
Fifty-one vignettes present Nebraska history from the point of view of those who lived their lives on the Great Plains. Topics include ice harvesting, Chautauqua, mail-order brides, World War II, television, and Big Red. 1981. Narrated by Brian Rockey. (5 hours, 22 minutes)
Farming and Ranching edited by Don McCabe
Nebraska Story | Agriculture
Special edition of Nebraska's leading agricultural publication celebrates its 150th anniversary. This historical edition recounts Nebraska Farmer's beginnings and chronicles the dramatic changes in the state's farming and ranching industries. Included are reprints of articles from the Farmer's archives. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt, Dick Shasteen, and Gail Barnard.
Nebraska Towns and Counties by Sheryl Schmeckpeper
Nebraska Story | Norfolk, Nebr. | History
Founded in 1866 by German immigrants, Norfolk, Nebraska grew up along the banks of the North Fork of the Elkhorn River. Today the city is the jewel of Northeast Nebraska and the state's third largest retail area. The history of the community traces its growth from a Native American campground to a bustling city. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt. (1 hour, 30 minutes)

by Alan Boye
Nebraska Story | Lincoln, Nebr. | History | Ghost Stories
A general survey of ghostly sites in Lincoln, this expanded edition describes some of the most famous hauntings of the midwest- the story of the ghost at the C.C. White building and the spirit at penitentiary field. 2013 New Edition. Award winner. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt. (4 hours, 8 minutes)

by Kathy K. Grow and Lois H. Varvel
Nebraska Story | Cedar County, Nebr. | History | Architecture/Engineering
Two residents of Yankton, South Dakota, detail the building of Meridian Bridge, which crosses the Missouri River and connects Yankton with Cedar County, Nebraska. Through newspaper stories, historical correspondence and interviews they examine the planning, construction and impact of the bridge that was completed in 1924. 2001. Narrated by Dan Howell. (16 hours, 23 minutes)

by Kenny Miller
Nebraska Story | Hartington, Nebr. | Memoir
Life in a small Midwestern town, seen primarily through the loving eyes of a middle son who survives polio, the loss of a friend, and later copes with his mother's final illness. A Walton-style collection of stories featuring the school music teacher, a Norwegian bachelor farmer, and other memorable characters; about the author growing up in the 1950s, leaving home, but never forgetting his roots. Some strong language. Narrated by Margaret Polk (British Accent). (6 hours, 27 minutes)

by Billie Lee Snyder Thornburg
Nebraska Story | North Platte, Nebr. | History
Anecdotal accounts of life in North Platte, Nebraska, 1920s-1950s, when it was known as the wildest, wooliest town in the Midwest. Humorous descriptions of attempts to clean up Nebraska's "Little Chicago" and change its reputation as a haven for vice. Contains some descriptions of sex. Narrated by Tami Works.

by Gladys S. Douglass
Nebraska Story | Lincoln, Nebr. | Memoir
The author tells of her own early experiences in Lincoln, shortly after the turn of the century. The book previously appeared in the form of short articles which were published in Lincoln's SUNDAY JOURNAL AND STAR. 1983. Narrated by Ann Kelley. (4 hours, 35 minutes)
Politics by Charlyne Berens
Nebraska Story | Political System - Nebraska
With the urging of U.S. Senator George Norris, Nebraskans voted in 1934 to trade their bicameral, partisan legislature for one that is unicameral and nonpartisan. The senator argued that a unicameral body would be more responsive to the people. With seventy years of experimentation behind it, Nebraska's Unicameral still has many supporters and some detractors. The author interviews current and former state senators and legislative observers to consider how well the unicameral experiment has lived up to its progressive vision. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt.

by Chuck Hagel
National and Foreign Policy | Political Opinion
Nebraska's senior senator presents strategies for dealing with America's most pressing problems, including economic, foreign policy, security, and leadership. He challenges the underlying assumptions that have steered our course of action in Iraq and offers assessments regarding Israel and Palestine, China, the global economy, and rebuilding our military. In order to overcome the current partisan impasse, he makes a case for a new independent party or bipartisan ticket. Narrated by Dick Shasteen.

edited by David Starkey
Political Opinion | Autobiography
"Progressive" novelists, poets, essayists, and professors describe what it is like for them to live in conservative "Red" states and often feel out of step with the predominate political culture. While sometimes expressing anger or frustration, these individuals search for ways to close the political divide between the left and the right, or at least understand it. Narrated by Alice Timm.

by Steve Marantz
Nebraska Story | Civil Rights Movement | Black History | Sports - Basketball
The 1968 Omaha Central High School basketball team made history with its first all-Black starting lineup, nicknamed the Rhythm Boys, and was considered the heavy favorite to win state championship. In early March, third-party presidential candidate George Wallace visited Omaha on a campaign stop. By the time he left, racial tensions were ignited and star center Dwaine Dillard was in jail. A true-life drama of civil rights plays out amidst a city on the brink of riot, with the state's largest high school united by basketball but caught between angry political factions. Narrated by Brad Muerrens. (8 hours, 30 minutes)
Sports edited by Shane G. Gilster
Nebraska Story | Sports - Football
Tabbed the best team in 125 years of collegiate football, the 1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers dominated their opponents on both sides of the football. Nebraska claimed its national championship with a 38 to 6 victory against Alabama in the Orange Bowl. Narrated by various readers. (3 hours, 20 minutes)
True Crime by James W. Hewitt
Nebraska Story | True Crime
More than 40 years after the dismembered bodies of Edwin and Wilma Hoyt were found near McCook, Nebraska in 1973, author James W. Hewitt uncovers new details about the crimes that shocked the small town. Harold Nokes, later convicted of the murders, gives the author his first and only interview. 2015. Narrated by Connie Healey. (5 hours, 9 minutes)

by Stew Magnuson
Nebraska Story | Civil Rights Movement | Indian History
The 1972 murder of Raymond Yellow Thunder was a graphic reminder of conflict between some members of the Oglala Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation and some members of bordering communities, such as Whiteclay and Gordon. The context for this modern-day tragedy include the history of Black Hills incursions, the Ghost Dance, Wounded Knee and the second Wounded Knee, and the American Indian Movement. The author explores the painful nuances of misunderstanding and prejudice that have plagued this blended region. Some strong language. Narrated by Michael Cartwright.

by Terese Svoboda
WWII History | War Crime
After her uncle's suicide, the author investigates his stunning claim that military police may have executed their own men during the occupation of Japan following World War II. Contains descriptions of violence. Narrated by Janene Sheldon. (6 hours, 45 minutes)

by Brian Bogdanoff
Nebraska Story | Law Enforcement and Criminology | Criminal Court Case
Authorities responding to a brush fire on the outskirts of Omaha make a grisly discovery. Three human bodies were burning. Omaha police detective provides an insider's account of an investigation that involved murder, money, and a Mexican drug cartel. Riveting account describes an intense investigation on the part of the homicide unit, crime lab, and DNA analysts that ultimately resulted in successful prosecution within federal court. Contains violence and strong language. Narrated by Alice Timm. (8 hours, 10 minutes)

by Gregg Olsen
Midwest | True Crime
Eli Stutzman was born and raised in one of Ohio's strictest Amish communities, but behind the peaceful facade was a quietly tormented rebel. After the suspicious death of his pregnant wife, Stutzman abruptly severed his ties with the Amish. Taking his young son Danny with him, he embarked on a cross-country spree of compulsive pickups, rampant drug abuse, and violence. Strong language, violence, and explicit descriptions of sex. 1990. Narrated by James Shelley. (13 hours, 30 minutes).

by Ninette Beaver, B.K. Ripley, and Patrick Trese
Nebraska Story | True Crime | Criminal Biography
Story of 14-year-old Caril Fugate's involvement with Charles Starkweather in a series of murders in 1958 and her life in prison since then. 1974. Narrated by Budd Duvall. (12 hours, 15 minutes)

by Debora Harding
Nebraska Story | True Crime | Memoir
One Omaha winter day, in November 1978, when Debora Harding was just fourteen, she was abducted at knife point from a church parking lot. She was thrown into a van, assaulted, held for ransom, and then left to die as an ice storm descended over the city. Debora survived. She identified her attacker to the police and then returned to her teenage life in a dysfunctional home where she was expected to simply move on. Denial became the family coping strategy offered by her fun-loving, conflicted father and her cruelly resentful mother. It wasn't until decades later, when beset by the symptoms of PTSD, that Debora undertook a radical project: she met her childhood attacker face-to-face in prison and began to reconsider and re-imagine her complex story. This was a quest for the truth, that would threaten the lie at the heart of her family, and with it the sacred bond that once saved her. Dexterously shifting between past and present, Debora Harding untangles the incident of her kidnapping and escape from unexpected angles, offering a vivid, intimate portrait of one family's disintegration in the 1970s Midwest. Written with dark humor and the pacing of a thriller, Dancing with the Octopus is a literary tour de force and a groundbreaking narrative of reckoning, recovery, and the inexhaustible strength it takes to survive. 2020. Narrated by Connie Healey. (00 hours, 00 minutes)
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